Air Canada Not Honoring Mistake Award Redemptions?

R eports are starting to filter in that Air Canada apparently launched an audit as a result of an award pricing mistake which occurred last week where members of the Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program were able to travel anywhere in the world for the same price as a domestic round-trip award, which is 50,000 Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program points…

…and it appears that the warning that the “deal” may very likely not be honored may be coming true.

According to FlyerTalk member deltaflyinglawyer, who posted that the following is a true story:

“A friend of mine made a massively discounted C award booking last month at Due to IT glitch at the juncture on the side of aeroplan, she could ‘successfully’ manage to book two C award tickets on *A from N Asia to Europe and back for just 60,000 miles. She got a call from Aeroplan this morning, a few hours before the planned departure, and was told the award would not be honored. So, it is now nullified. The agent told my friend that aeoplan is now aware of this glitch, and had launched an audit. They may contact you sooner or later.”

While I typically prefer not to report on speculation without verifiable proof, I also do not want for you to head for the airport early — only to find that your award ticket will not be honored.

Unfortunately, this is part of the risk of booking a “mistake fare” — whether you paid for it in cash or with frequent travel loyalty program miles or points…

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11 thoughts on “Air Canada Not Honoring Mistake Award Redemptions?”

  1. Pretty sure as long as it connects in the states according to the dot they have to honor it no?

    1. KP says:

      I think the precedent is that they don’t have to honor these fares. United had a similar fiasco on tickets to HK, and they did not have to honor it since they were showing the correct price on alll screens except the final one. It’s the same case here.

  2. Jerry says:

    It’s 1 report (without ANY details on routing or etc…), I have one booked and I am not worried

    It’s almost a week since the “public blog post” and even longer possibly beforehand

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I agree, Jerry. I posted this article only for precautionary reasons — hence the disclaimers in the article.

      I also agree that there is no need to worry — those passengers who are involved should just remain aware of any developments; and hopefully neither you nor anyone else will have any issues when you arrive at the airport for your flight.

      We shall see what happens…

  3. hatehoto92 says:

    I just got a call from aeroplan that they cannot honor my bookings as the multi-city segment was invalid at the time of my booking. ???

    any suggestions to fight?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I am sorry to hear of that, hatehoto92.

      Could you please give some more details of your flight — such as origination and destination, for example — so that I or a reader of The Gate can try to assist you?

      1. hatehoto92 says:

        Hey Brian, I just noticed your question; here you go:

        YYZ-LAX-NRT ->>NRT-YYZ

        Second one:
        YYZ-MUH-ATH ->>>ATH-YYZ

  4. AJK says:

    I know no less than 3 pax who have already flown, or are currently en route, without issue. I call bananas.

    1. Brian Cohen says:


      This means that hatehoto92 and others who may be experiencing issues can cite a precedent where others have had success to help their cases…

      1. hatehoto92 says:

        The cancellation is done unilaterally. so i don’t know whether precedent would have any effect.

        After a lengthy discussion with the “aeroplan specialist” no budge on their side.

        There’re no clause in the terms and conditions to indicate Aeroplan can unilaterally cancel one’s ticket. So I am wondering if it’s worth going to a small claims court or consumer protection? any suggestions on this?

        My flights are in Spring and Summer to Europe and to far East. If they’re cancelled I wouldn’t be super unhappy as the AC and LH surcharges were humongous anyways…

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