Air France Flight 447 Tragedy: How It Affected FlyerTalk Members

Unfortunately, it seems lately that whenever there is a tragedy that gets worldwide press coverage, FlyerTalk members are directly affected by it.

As with the Mumbai terrorist attacks that occurred late last year as reported here in The Gate, FlyerTalk members Outbound and Pacha suffered personal losses as a result of AF flight from Rio missing [merged], where FlyerTalk members chronicle the tragedy of Air France flight 447, which was en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France but disappeared mysteriously while in flight.

Because there is an abundance of discussion in the AF flight from Rio missing [merged] thread, the following are direct links to the content posted by the affected FlyerTalk members:

The Gate offers its sincere condolences to those who were both directly and indirectly affected by the tragic events involving Air France flight 447.

Condolences to Outbound may be offered here.

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