Airing Out What is Deep Inside of US!

US is the airline code for US Airways, on which FlyerTalk member MagnoliaBeauty reports a Phantom Flatulator on flight TPA-CLT — well — violating the air space around him, so to speak.

If you decide to read this thread, be fully prepared to laugh. There is even a frank (without beans, thank goodness) confession by at least one FlyerTalk member that is quite candid and unashamed. Some comments are a gas; others just simply stink.

For those of you who are guilty of being a “Phantom Flatulator”, now would be a good time to make a resolution for the new year to clear the air pertaining to your habits.

On the other hand, the “Phantom Flatulator” may want to consider earning his Star Alliance miles on United Airlines instead of US Airways. Apparently, UA’s seats – absorbs methane pretty well.

Go ahead. Read the threads, then let it all out. The laughter, I mean…

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