Airline Holds Passengers Hostage for More Money During Layover?

Indian passengers arrive from Austria at the Rajasansai International Airport on a Comtel Air flight in Amritsar. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images; caption courtesy of CNN.

Imagine being on a layover on a charter flight when you are suddenly told to pay approximately $200.00 or be stranded — and you are not allowed off of the aircraft except to get that money from an automated teller machine.
That is reportedly what happened to passengers on a charter aircraft during a layover in Vienna, who compared the experience to being held hostage until the ransom was paid — supposedly to pay a surcharge for fuel as the result of a complex dispute between four companies, although fees were cited as a reason for the demand for additional payment.
Approximately seven hours elapsed while passengers were attempting to scrape the funds together to add up to $31,000.00.
A similar situation occurred on a second charter flight before takeoff in Amritsar in India.

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