Airline Strings Along Musician by Losing Both of His Guitars

K alle Mattson had not seen his two guitars — nor his two pedalboards — in four days since personnel employed by Air Canada had supposedly lost them, according to an article written by Robin Levinson of the Ottawa Citizen.

Mattson checked two guitars and two pedalboards for a flight to Ottawa when he boarded an airplane operated by Air Canada in Toronto this past Sunday, July 27, 2014; but the equipment — estimated to be worth approximately $10,000.00 — was nowhere to be found when the aircraft landed approximately an hour later.

“How @AirCanada manages to lose both of my guitars & my pedalboard on a Toronto to Ottawa flight is beyond me. Good going!” Mattson posted on his Twitter account; but he did announce that as a result of this incident, he purchased a “new” guitar — a 1965 Gibson J50, to be exact.

More good news is that his equipment was found yesterday and supposedly delivered to his girlfriend in Ottawa; but Mattson reportedly traveled to Los Angeles today to meet with people in the music industry pertaining to working on three songs which he will record in Montreal — and he cannot do that without a guitar, which is why he purchased yet another guitar.

If this story sounds familiar, you are not alone: Dave Carroll — another musician based in Canada — wrote a song about how United Airlines mishandled and broke his Taylor guitar worth approximately $3,500.00 in 2008. That song — called United Breaks Guitars — became a huge success on the Internet; and he also followed up on that song by writing a book.

Perhaps Mattson can take advantage of his misfortune and follow in the footsteps of Carroll with the opportunity to benefit by perhaps recording a song about his ordeal with Air Canada?

Photograph courtesy of the Twitter account of Kalle Mattson.

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