Airplane Crash in French Alps; 144 Passengers, 6 Crew Members Aboard

n Airbus A320-200 aircraft operating as Germanwings flight 4U-9525 — which was carrying 144 passengers and six members of the flight crew from Barcelona to Dusseldorf, according to the official Twitter feed of Germanwings — reportedly crashed roughly 12 nautical miles southwest of Barcelonnette in a mountainous area of France at approximately 11:20 in the morning earlier today.

Debris of the crash has reportedly been found. The cause of the crash has not yet been identified.

The following message currently appears on the official Internet web site of Germanwings:

We have recently become aware of media reports speculating on an incident though we still do not have any own confirmed information. As soon as definite information is available, we shall inform the media immediately. Please monitor our website for periodic updates.

Also according to multiple sources, an ominous statement was released by François Hollande, who is the president of France: “The conditions of the accident suggest there would be no survivors.” He also posted a message to Twitter, which roughly translates to “I want to express to the families of the victims of the air accident my solidarity. This is a mourning, a tragedy.”

Here is an official statement from the official Twitter feed of the European Aviation Safety Agency:

Lufthansa — the parent company of Germanwings, which is a low-cost carrier — has been sending out messages via its official feed on Twitter, shown below in reverse chronological order:

Members of Milepoint and FlyerTalk are currently discussing this tragic news.

As with any aviation tragedy, my thoughts and condolences are with the families and friends of those who were aboard that airplane this morning; and I am praying for a miracle…

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