Airplane Overshoots Runway; No Injuries or Fatalities Reported

A Boeing 737-700 aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines as flight 1170 overshot the north runway at Port Columbus International Airport as it landed, resulting in the nose gear of the airplane to be stuck in the mud.
No fatalities or injuries were reported as a result of the incident, and no other flights were affected.
The airplane had just flown in from Los Angeles when the pilot reportedly warned the 153 passengers aboard the aircraft to prepare for a bumpy landing due to winds gusting near 30 miles per hour. The windy conditions were blamed for the airplane overshooting the runway, which was closed for five hours until the aircraft was removed from the mud by work crews.
Passengers then had to wait an additional hour aboard the aircraft until shuttle buses arrived to transport them to the airport terminal.
The following video clip is provided courtesy of WCMH-TV Channel 4 News in Columbus, Ohio:

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