Airport in Atlanta to Offer Free Wi-Fi Internet Service Starting in Fall of 2013

Concourse F in Atlanta, not long before its official opening. Photograph ©2011 by Brian Cohen.

It is about time — finally.
Myrna White — a spokeswoman of the busiest international airport in the world — has announced that Internet service in Atlanta will be free of charge sometime in autumn of 2013 as part of a $1.6 million upgrade of its Wi-Fi system to accommodate higher demand, which is expected to possibly triple as a result. FlyerTalk members applaud the news.
In the meantime, the fee to use the Internet at the international airport in Atlanta has been reduced to $4.95 per day.
The current problem with the airport in Atlanta is that there are no white courtesy phones, no free Internet service, and a dearth of public pay telephones — factors which contribute to the current communication-unfriendly environment in the airport.
The Internet service offered in the Delta Air Lines Sky Clubs in the airport in Atlanta is not much better, if what FlyerTalk member BringBackTWA posted as any indication of the quality of the service provided by T-Mobile.
Why the implementation of free Internet service will take a year is anyone’s guess, but I can tell you that the Boingo service currently being offered at the airport in Atlanta was at times nothing short of annoying. Just the mere offering of free Internet service will significantly improve the airport experience for me in Atlanta. Let us hope that it is efficient and reliable once implemented.
Aside from the food, beverages and more comfortable furniture offered in airport lounges — amenities I like but do not necessarily need — free Internet service rates high as an amenity I definitely want and use. Among other things, I get access to post to and read FlyerTalk — need I say more? However, I would also be able to check my e-mail messages, leave an e-mail message for someone else when necessary, and look up information anytime I want. It will also save passengers money, either on the current fees imposed by Boingo or from using up some of the data allowance from the account of a “smartphone” user.
In any event, I applaud the decision to offer free Internet service at the airport in Atlanta — an amenity that many other commercial airports have already been offering.

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