Airport Lounge Day Pass: Who Has The Best One?

There are times where one finds oneself at an airport with time to spare and one seeks quiet and solitude from the crowds at the airport. Relaxing in an airport lounge is usually the best way to pass the time until one waits for one’s flight to depart. Many airport lounges offer a pass that is good for one day for a fee.

Which airport lounge day pass is the best one? Well, that would depend on the criteria of what comprises of the optimal lounge experience. For example, FlyerTalk member thebat says here that “CO and DL have free booze. That would put them at the top of my list.” However, because I do not drink alcoholic beverages, I would tend to disagree. Decent snacks, comfortable seating and free Internet service would be my priorities for an optimal lounge experience for me.

Of course, the cost of the day pass could also be a factor towards Who has the best Airport lounge “Day Pass”.

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