Airport Lounges Forum Now Open on FlyerTalk

You are not required to be a holder of a ticket for a seat in the first class cabin or business class cabin — or an elite member of a frequent flier loyalty program — to enjoy the comfort of an airport lounge.

Airport Lounges Forum Now Open on FlyerTalk

A new forum is now open on FlyerTalk pertaining to the advice and discussion of lounges at airports, which explores the growing range of alternatives — such as Priority Pass, for example, which is available as a benefit of a credit card or via a direct payment — as well as lounge access membership programs for frequent visitors, options of paying by the visit, discount vouchers, promotional vouchers, and reviews of airport lounges.

“We all like to be as comfortable as possible when we travel”, posted FlyerTalk member SanDiego1K, who is also the community director and is asking for your participation to help this new forum become a valuable resource. “An airport lounge can be helpful when we arrive at an airport early or have a connecting flight. Sometimes, the airlines provide that, either as paid membership, to elite members, or to those paying for business or first class travel. However, sometimes we don’t qualify for entry to those lounges or an airport doesn’t have a lounge for the airline we are flying.”

Moderators dedicated to this new forum are Prospero and corporate-wage-slave.


“Although not a traditional loyalty program, Priority Pass serves a growing part of the traveling community.Traditional airline forums provide a space to talk about both individual locations (HKG) and more macro policies, e.g. United Club members lost showers this year, and while credit card forums allow Amex customers to discuss crowding in Centurion lounges, there is not a central place to discuss Priority Pass.” FlyerTalk member worldwidedreamer dreamt of this idea and was the first person to suggest the creation of the new airport lounges forum in The Suggestion Box forum: “As the program becomes more complicated, having a forum increases in value. For example yesterday at MSP my Amex PP membership gave me access to a PGA Lounge which also included $15 credits at three different restaurants; which is the best? Would I have been better to just stay at the Escape lounge. Etc. More strategically, what is the best way to get a Priority Pass Select membership?”

Thanks to worldwidedreamer, there is now a designated place for discussion of this topic. which could be potentially valuable for you…

…and if you have any ideas for a new forum to be created on FlyerTalk, please post your thoughts in The Suggestion Box forum.

2 thoughts on “Airport Lounges Forum Now Open on FlyerTalk”

  1. EJ says:

    Brian, do you have any lounge memberships/access?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Unless you count what comes as a benefit with elite status, EJ , the answer is currently no.

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