Aisle Bet You Are a Window Person…

…as I can see right through you.

Thinking that I am a pane, you would probably respond that I should look out because you are an aisle person.

Is the divide becoming greater between window people versus aisle people? I really do not know, but as FlyerTalk member wulicny opines:

“One thing I am sure of which we all agree – NO MIDDLE SEATS … EVER!!!!”

While I agree that I would rather not have a middle seat, I have mixed feelings pertaining to this issue. I prefer an aisle seat if I want to depart from the airplane faster. However, I enjoy a window seat if there will be a nice view along the way, as to me this is the best form of “in-flight entertainment”.

The disavantages of an aisle seat include being bumped by the baggage of passengers as they board and walk past you on their way to their seats. The disadvantages of a window seat include…well…if one suddenly needs to go to the lavatory…

Anyway, instead of middling around here, why not post your preference in the Are You a Window or an Aisle Person? thread?

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