Alamo to Charge For Additional Driver; Cuts Discount in Half for Insiders Members

This Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was rented from Alamo Rent a Car in Denver in December of 2013 — but there are a couple of changes to the terms and conditions which could affect your rental experience. Photograph by FlyerTalk member BertieWooster. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by BertieWooster.

“I guess ‘enhancements’ aren’t limited to airline and hotel programs”, lamented FlyerTalk member AutoSlash. “Really not sure how on earth they can get away with spinning anything in this announcement positively.”
The announcement to which AutoSlash is referring pertains to the changes of the terms and conditions of the Alamo Insiders frequent renter loyalty program, which are to become effective as of June 16, 2014. The purpose of the changes is to update the member discount to five percent off of the retail rates for vehicle rentals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Latin America — the discount for members is currently ten percent — and to remove the free “Additional Authorized Driver.”
A new pricing structure will be introduced where you can “get everyday low prices” — which is supposed to render clipping coupons for bargains obsolete on car rentals from Alamo Rent a Car — but FlyerTalk members are not fooled by the marketing jargon.
“…tell that to the thousands of our customers who have saved 20%, 50%, and even (in some cases) 80% off of retail rates with Alamo with various coupons–most of them blatantly posted on itself!” exclaimed AutoSlash, who is the official company representative on FlyerTalk for the popular Internet web site AutoSlash where you can save money on rates for renting vehicles. “Touting a 5% discount as a benefit is insulting to people’s intelligence at best.”
If you were enrolled in the Alamo Insiders frequent renter loyalty program prior to May 12, 2014, you are still entitled to the benefit of adding an additional authorized driver free of charge through June 14, 2014. Everyone else is required to pay to add an additional authorized driver — but as of June 14, 2014, you will pay the fee to add an additional authorized driver to your car rental regardless of when you joined the Alamo Insiders frequent renter loyalty program.
As for me, I have avoided using Alamo Rent a Car for many years since they reneged on the terms of a deal I contracted with them; and they would not relent. It appears as though I have not really missed anything…

2 thoughts on “Alamo to Charge For Additional Driver; Cuts Discount in Half for Insiders Members”

  1. UncleDude says:

    Not ideally timing for such an announcement as Alamo is the Daily Getaway Offer today on the US Travel Association Deal.
    Maybe need a rethink.

  2. craz says:

    No big deal Costco usually had better Alamo rates that included an additional driver as well. Now the question is if they change their deal with Costco
    Im not loyal to any 1 company but will go with which ever company ends up charging me the least, that includes going with Fox,Payless, EZWay etc

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