Allegations of Reverse Racism at Atlanta Airport Eaterie

“I f tables had been turned and I used something as insensitive like that… I would be boycotted, people wouldn’t buy my albums,” is what Bo Bice said during this exclusive interview with reporter Natalie Fultz of Fox 5 News in Atlanta after claiming that an employee of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen at the international airport which serves the greater Atlanta metropolitan area allegedly uttered a racial comment on Friday, December 30, 2016.

Bice tearfully said directly into the camera while pointing a finger: “And America, you should be ashamed.”

Allegations of Reverse Racism at Atlanta Airport Eaterie

Bo Bice — whose actual name is Harold Elwin Bice, Junior; was a runner-up to Carrie Underwood of American Idol during its fourth season; and is currently the lead singer of the touring version of the legendary band known as Blood, Sweat & Tears — posted this content at his official Facebook Internet web site…

…but in case it was taken down by either Facebook or Bo Bice, here is the text — along with an image which contains what was originally posted by Bice but taken down by Facebook:

My post about the racist behavior at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen #4625 received over 45,000 reached, 800 likes, 250 comments and 350 shares in 27hrs. Facebook deleted my post last night and in turn silenced the opinion of all of you and me who are tired of the racist double standards that have infested our society.

All I wanted was an apology… Now, Popeyes’s will be hearing from my attorney, and to all you FB fans of mine, I’ll be deleting this communist media platform from my devices and life. You took CORPORATE POPEYE’S side Facebook, but you should have checked the validity of their complaint. You cannot stifle my opinion and TRUTHS without it being seemingly one sided. Read trough the post and show me where my words meet the rules that FB has in place for removing posts.

To my friends at Fox News
FOX 5 Atlanta this is the behavior that is running rampant in our society and these sites and companies silence what they don’t want people to know about and they are the ones who are running the show.

Bo Bice

Source: The Facebook Internet web site of Bo Bice. The faces of the employees are blurred to protect their privacy.

The Exclusive Interview With Fox 5 News in Atlanta

The video from the interview is shown below; but if you are not able to view it, please refer to the actual report to watch it.

The following official statement was released to Fox 5 News from Mack II Incorporated, which is the owner of the franchise in question:

“Mack II Inc. is very sorry that the incident occurred and for any pain or embarrassment that Mr. Bice experienced. The company does not condone the behavior of one of our associates and we took corrective action as soon as we were made aware of the incident. Also, we will require re-training of our associates to ensure this isolated incident does not occur again. In addition, Mr. Bice has been issued an apology by the General Manager. We value all of our customers regardless of race, religion, age, disability, gender, etc.”


Racism should not be tolerated by anyone in general — but the question is: did the employee in question display a racist attitude as recounted by Bice; or is Bice simply overreacting?

Source: Fox 5 News in Atlanta.

16 thoughts on “Allegations of Reverse Racism at Atlanta Airport Eaterie”

  1. JamesP says:

    He’s so right. Disgusting employees.

  2. Lee says:

    Must point out – I believe it’s not “reverse racism”, it’s just racism. The term racism generally refers to the assumption that one race has traits that make it superior to others – not specific to which race.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I completely agree with you, Lee, as I had reservations about using that terminology — but that indeed was the allegation, as I simply went by what was said during the report when I watched it broadcast live.

  3. Christian says:

    A tempest in a teapot. The employee was ill mannered, but in spite of her shortcomings, I find it unlikely that she spent 5 minutes mangling his name, and have heard plenty of people refer to “that black guy” or something similar, so there goes that argument. He must not get trolled enough to have developed a thicker skin. Or maybe ticket sales are down.

    1. leslie says:

      5 minutes or not it does not change the fact. But anyhow, those employee condone to racism that the white man put on the black man, if you get my drift. Even if it wasn’t racism. Popeyes and it’s employee just condone to bullys. And these are adults. Well, my prediction Popeyes will shut down in time and those people won’t have a job. And you sir, Karma is a bitch and it’s real.

  4. Brian says:

    Sorry he had a bad experience, but reverse racism doesn’t exist. Neither does reverse sexism.

  5. Tony says:

    I cant take anyone seriously who posts a facebook rant like that.

  6. NB says:

    Of course it’s racism but, like so much that is talked about under that title, does it matter? Was offence intended? Probably. Should offence have been taken? Probably not.

  7. Darin says:

    Um reverse racism doesn’t exist. It’s just racism, which can be applied to anyone. Your title is just made up words. Not smart.

  8. Ryan says:

    Well, the racism (and I guess also sexism/ageism) allegations of Dr. Cross on the recent Delta flight were pretty much taken at face value and “the internet” rallied around her – yet she had only supposition that the FA had any racist intent – and there was reasonable evidence that other factors were at play.

    Yes the Popeye’s employees did display racism IMHO. Most any adult male African-American person would be offended at being addressed as “the black boy”, and rightfully so. While one could argue that the Popeye’s employees were simply a$$holes and not racist, to me the racial intent is at least as clear, if not more so, than the Dr. Cross incident. And Cross’ original FB post was just as much a rant, and even called the FA a heifer.

    Racism is racism – calling one type of racism “reverse” belittles people of all races.

  9. fosin says:

    I would have told her, “I prefer to be referred to as a Cracker”.

    Anyway, that’s kind of their shtick there. Doesn’t make it right, just saying.

  10. Lisa says:

    It’s so funny how someone makes fun of your name and it’s racism, now let’s sue. There are so many African American PEOPLE losing there lives still today at the hands of who white americans. You’re crying because someone made fun of your name really? Instead of crying you should be outraged because you got a snippet of how blacks have been treated for too many years.

  11. Mark A Martin says:

    Please take it for me I am a living example of the rampant reverse racism in the city of Atlanta. I have Band-Aid Falcons Atlanta racist behaviour by employees at Grady Medical Center simply and solely because I am white and I am poor and I need help and I asked for that help and when they could not get rid of me through racist attitudes racist Behavior hate speech and just outright abuse I had to employees lie and say that I had made the threat which I did not and no one has done anything to help me up with that movies and I almost died 6 weeks ago because of a blood infection that probably would have been stopped that I’ve been going to Grady and continue seeing doctors like I had been. Instead of receiving care from Grady I had to go to st. Joseph’s emergency room where they accepted me graciously and help me but instead I’m left with a hospital bill that is probably in excess of $100,000 because I was in the hospital for 5 weeks. I even went as far as the CEO at Grady and did not get any response whatsoever everyone at Grady just dug their head in the sand and became ostriches about this matter and it did not care one bit about me and they almost killed me. While I am extremely sorry that this happened to Bo who was a great man has a great attitude but he was very right about one thing the people doing this should be ashamed of themselves and should go take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves why am I doing to others what was done to my elders before me because it doesn’t make it any more right. It wasn’t right when whites did it to blacks and it’s no more right today with Blacks doing it to whites. Racism is a cancer that must be eradicated immediately and it is not going to happen until the elected officials in Atlanta stand up and say we admit this is going on and we are going to stop it. Our elected leaders recognizing the problem has not happened and so far they have refused that it even exists.

  12. WelcomeToAtlanta says:

    Welcome to Atlanta. Pretty much every grocery store or fast food place you walk into, there are hooligan black employees that mock every customer that walks in the door. Open racism against whites is rampant “White people can’t jump/dance/etc. white devils, white people have no soul, I’mma beat the first white person I see if Obama doesn’t get reelected” and on and on.

  13. Karyn says:

    I just tried to log onto Bo’s Facebook site….it is down right now but I will try later. I am an Atlanta resident and Bo is RIGHT: America should be ASHAMED! My family is from Boston, not Atlanta, and NOBODY supports me in this: we Caucasians deserve respectful treatment also! The ABUSE I have received here is HORRIBLE! Including NCO in the Atlanta Tradeport, staffed, in 2009, by 399 black people and 1 white person…..made to wait 3 hours for a scheduled interview while people of color sauntered in and out, in blue jeans, and were seen immediately…..when I was finally called, my name, Karyn Smith, was called “KARYN WHITE! KARYN WHITE?” What a nightmare I had to FIGHT to get in the door, hired, through attorneys….too many details, they closed shop about a year later…..but many many more incidents to share with Mr. Bice. And, yes, America should be ASHAMED if themselves (ourselves)!

  14. Kayla says:

    I’m Canadian and I went to Atlanta recently and damn I had no idea how much they hated white people lol. I went into a resturant (the food was amazing) but they seemed like they didnt want to seat us because we were white. We asked if they had room for us and they said nothing dirty looked us then looked around for a minute or two saying uhh when half the tables were empty. They didnt give us back our credit card after we paid either but luckily a bartender next door went and grabbed it from the manager when we tried to pay for our drinks and didnt have our card. I know it wasnt given back because I thought my girlfriend had taken her card back after she paid because I checked the book before we left. I was screamed at repeatedly by a man who looked like he wanted to kill me because I didnt see a tiny side booth where they check ur purse when going into the coke building. I could tell he was purposely trying to make me feel bad and intimidated and I just played the “I’m a stupid little white girl who doesnt know anything I’m so sorry sir” act. I found it kind of amusing because americans are very rude regardless of color incomparisson to canadians so i didnt take it to heart but it was quite uncomfortable. I also did see white people run infront of a blind black man and his service dog to get into an elevator which I thought was pretty disgusting to so the racism down there is just bad overall. Entitiled white people, and black people who hate all white people because of those few assholes. There were other incidents that were minor no point in writing all of them you could tell you were hated often. Thank the Lord I live in Canada where pretty much everyone gets along unless ur an old closet racist. It was such a weird experience to be in Atlanta that I started to research and ended up here. I feel bad that black people have to experience this times a trillion for the color of their skin because it was a pretty unsettling feeling to know youre hated by everyone you see because of your skincolor. If only people could realize were in a trap created by aliens to keep us their slaves so they perpetuate racial hate to keep us dumb. In reality we are reborn and live many lives and many races. Break free of the brainwashing my friends this world is a cold ass bitch.

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