American Airlines Has Few Elite Customers…

…or, at least, that is the impression of what FlyerTalk member sbagdon is under regarding a weblog that states:

“Late to the airport? No problem, as long as you’re one of the few elite American Airlines customers. Starting September 30th, American will let its best customers leap through select airports like a pre-trial O.J. Simpson in a Hertz commercial. Passengers participating in PriorityAAccess will be whisked through designated security lanes, given top priority at boarding time and be the first passengers told their luggage landed 700 miles away.”

Post what you think in the “one of the few elite American Airlines customers”? thread.

By the way, I am quite certain that sbagdon is not really under the impression that American Airlines has few elite customers.

One thought on “American Airlines Has Few Elite Customers…”

  1. SEOBlackHat says:

    I’m not sure about that…

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