American Airlines Matches Change Fee Increases of United, US Airways and Delta

If your flight is on this regional jet aircraft and you want to change to a different flight operated by a mainline aircraft, you might want to think twice if you want to save money, as American Airlines increased the change fee for many of the markets it serves. Photograph by FlyerTalk member zgscl. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by zgscl.

American Airlines

American Airlines gonna rob you blind
American Airlines change fees have been realigned
American Airlines fliers in a bind
American Airlines does not at all mind

Say A,
Say M,
Say E,
Say R,
Say I,
Say C,
Say A,
Say N,
American Airlines passengers will have whined
American Airlines you are gonna find
American Airlines customers resigned

American Airlines, following the lead
Of other airlines, with corporate greed
They say that things happen by three
But not in the airline industry
As American is number four
Is Southwest next? I can’t take no more
American — we are displeased
American Airlines, you raised your change fees

American Airlines, what are you doing
American Airlines, it’s us you’re screwing
Do you think raising change fees will
Fund Horton’s severance of twenty mil
I don’t care what some judge rules
Don’t you take us for fools
American raised its change fees
American Airlines brought us to our knees

American Airlines, tell us what’s the deal
American women, come on and be real
How much does it really cost you
To change our itineraries to
Something that makes much more sense?
Do you believe we are that dense?
Oh how we long for the days
Before US Airways
American — so what else is new?
American Airlines — had enough of you

Go, gotta get away
Now go go go
Gonna leave you, American
Gonna leave you, American
Abusing our loyalty
Is not good for you
While you get out of bankruptcy
Tell you what we’re gonna do

You know we’re gonna leave
You know we’re gonna go
You know we’re gonna leave
You know we’re gonna go, American
We’re gonna leave American
Goodbye, American Airlines
Goodbye, AAdvantage miles
Goodbye, Executive Plat

I offer no apology to re-writing the lyrics to American Woman, which is the title of a song written and recorded by The Guess Who in 1970 on the RCA Records label:

Yet again, this song parody is simply a different way to spread the news pertaining to the increase in change fees on American Airlines from $150.00 to $200.00 in some markets and up to $750.00 in other markets, matching similar increases in change fees of United Airlines, US Airways and Delta Air Lines.
$750.00 for a change fee? Really?!?
How much of the fixed costs of the salary and benefits of employees, the overhead for office space and technology does it really take in terms of expenses to change an itinerary? It is much easier to change an itinerary these days due to technology — and yet it costs more than ever to implement a change in an itinerary?
Am I missing something here?!?
Are the increases in change fees by all four remaining legacy airlines in the United States justified — or is it all nothing more than what seems to be a legalized scam? What do you think?
For the record, I almost never pay change fees on my airline itineraries. However, this does not necessarily mean that this may not affect me in the future — especially when airlines decide to change their policies such as the same-day confirmed policy, which became more restrictive recently by Delta Air Lines.
As for my song parodies: hopefully this will be my last one — for a while, anyway.
At least one reader of The Gate was disappointed that the videos I have been posting are the real songs and not me performing my interpretations of the song parodies which I wrote.
I really do not know whether to be intrigued or frightened by that thought…

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