An Airplane With No Crew, and A Crew With No Airplane. What To Do?

While inclement weather certainly contributed to the delays of two flights — both of which were bound for the same destination — imagine how FlyerTalk member Tibs felt upon saying “Good Grief ASA” when it was discovered that the airline — which operates regional jet aircraft for Delta Air Lines under the name Delta Connection — had an aircraft with no crew on one flight, while the other flight had a crew with no aircraft.
One would think that the solution would be to assign the crew already present at the airport to the awaiting aircraft — but can the solution be that simple, or are there other mitigating factors that need to be considered to resolve this dilemma? For example, which of the two delayed flights should have priority? Can all of the passengers of both flights fit onto one aircraft? If not, who gets left behind?
Finally, find out how Tibs resolved this issue on a personal level. The solution might not be what you may be initially thinking…

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