An Appropriate Place to Be On The Telephone — or Gone Too Far?

To the guy who was in the washroom in the restaurant at which I dined earlier tonight: you could not wait a few minutes to use your mobile telephone until you were at least finished with what you were doing at the urinal?

An Appropriate Place to Be On The Telephone — or Gone Too Far?

Upon entering the washroom, patrons must immediately turn right; and the urinals are located on the right, which means that the right sides of users — and not their backs — are what is seen.

When I walked into the washroom, there he was in all his glory — standing there playing with his mobile telephone with both hands while simultaneously aiming a stream of urine across the floor and into the urinal, from which he was at least a foot away.

At least his aim was true — and he must have really needed relief, as he was only first zipping up his jeans as I left the washroom…

…and wouldn’t you know it: he left the washroom right after I did, which means that he did not wash his hands.


One unfortunate commonality which people around the world seem to have is that they are constantly on their mobile telephones or other portable electronic devices — as if an invasion of aliens in the form of mobile telephones and other portable electronic devices took over planet Earth as the new rulers, with human beings as their slaves to do their bidding.

I only use my mobile telephone for listening to music, communicating with someone via text messages, playing games, and — gasp! — telephone calls. When I am with someone, it is put away except when necessary, which is rare…

…but using a portable electronic device while relieving oneself at a urinal is unnecessary, in my opinion — unless an actual emergency situation was involved. There is a time and place for everything…

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

One thought on “An Appropriate Place to Be On The Telephone — or Gone Too Far?”

  1. Jeannine Sohayda says:

    I’m happy to report I’ve never witnessed what you did, but I routinely witness at least the sound of women on the phone while also using the restroom. In a word, YUCK.

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