An Incident of Rage Between Two FlyerTalk Members?

What are the odds of an incident of rage apparently occurring between two people aboard a Continental Airlines flight who turn out to both be FlyerTalk members — each of them joined FlyerTalk within months of each other in 2009 — and independently posting their versions of the story?

Well, FlyerTalk members put two and two together and realized that the two different discussions supposedly emanated from the same incident, especially when the stories — if they are indeed true, about which some FlyerTalk members are skeptical — seem to corroborate from the similarity of the description of the events that led up to the incident.

Embarrassment ensued for FlyerTalk member imgonnafly after she recounts how a “Rude guy in front of me banged my head during boarding, then called me an @**” on her first flight ever on Continental Airlines from Newark to Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten.

Meanwhile, FlyerTalk member nypdLieu recounts the story from his point of view when he admits that “I nearly got thrown off a CO flight for saying this;” regarding his experience on what appears to be the same flight from Newark to St. Maarten.

Be forewarned that the discussions regarding this particular incident, based on the strong opinions of the reclining of an airplane seat and common courtesy for fellow passengers, becomes rather heated in both FlyerTalk threads.

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