Answers to Past Articles — Part 1: Muffin Flavor, Beverage Machine, Pickle, Map, and Steak

In past articles in which your participation was not only requested but also helpful and humorous, I did not give the answers to questions which I have posed to you; so this article will be the first of a series to do just that — along with links to the aforementioned articles…

Answers to Past Articles — Part 1: Muffin Flavor, Beverage Machine, Pickle, Map, and Steak

…and the links are embedded in the titles of each section as well as within the sections themselves; so please click on the links in each section to take you to the original article.

Can You Guess the Flavor of This Muffin?

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Murfreesboro muffin

Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

At the breakfast buffet of the hotel property at which I stayed recently, I looked at the muffin which is shown in the above photograph; and I could not decipher for the life of me what exactly was that flavor. Although I will eat muffins, they are not exactly something which I crave — but because this particular muffin was part of the offerings of the breakfast buffet, I took a chance and grabbed one.

In this article, guesses from readers of The Gate included peanut butter chocolate, apple crumble, cranberry orange, banana nut, and cherry crumble — and yes, I added the Oxford comma for someone who really appreciates them — but as delectable as those flavors sounded, they were all incorrect.

I then cut the muffin open, and I then realized that the flavor of this muffin was…

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Murfreesboro muffin

Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.


Good thing I like blueberry muffins.

For this article, there was no favorite answer or favorite comment.

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 11

I asked in this article if you can guess what you believe is wrong with this photograph, which was taken inside of a hotel property recently…

Sleep Inn Beaver - Beckley

Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

…and although the answer for which I was seeking was that no product of Florida’s Natural was included in the beverage machine, answers from readers of The Gate included that Coca-Cola and Pepsi products are not usually sold in the same vending machines — and that the price of each drink was only $1.50 and not more expensive.

Favorite answer by Aaron: “1. Coke and Pepsi products aren’t usually sold in the same vending machines.

“2. There’s no orange juice for sale, despite the huge advertisement.”

Favorite comment by Bill: “It’s only $1.50 in a hotel. Maybe they are charging a service fee?”

What is Wrong With This Map of the Continental United States?

The correct answer to what is wrong with this map of the continental United States…

Wrong Map

Click on the image for a larger view. Photograph ©2019 by Matthew Cohen.

…is that the states of West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and Colorado are all missing — and yes, another Oxford comma was used here — but you should read the other guesses which were posted in the Comments section of this article by readers of The Gate.

Favorite answer by Dave H: “West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and Colorado all seem to be missing!”

Favorite comment by derek: “Missing Colorado, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Alaska, Hawaii. Florida is chopped off partly.

“The divisions also don’t respect regions. For example, Louisiana is part of the South (or Southeast). Ohio should be part of the Midwest, not Northeast (although some claim that the Midwest is really Iowa and Nebraska and the like, not Ohio)”

What is Wrong With This Trivia Photograph?

I apparently did not realize that I posted this article twice — once here and once here; and I apologize for that — but the answer to what is wrong with this trivia photograph…

Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

…is that even though cucumber is the correct answer, it is not a vegetable.

Please read the comments in both of the aforementioned articles for additional information.

Favorite answer by Ed: “A cucumber is a fruit. I guess that makes the two guys on each side of the photo the winners of this round.”

Favorite comment by Chris: “It looks as if the guy on the right got the right answer by their reactions but the woman in the middle has the answer displayed.”

What is Wrong With This Outback Steakhouse Poster?

As I was waiting for my meal to arrive at a location of an Outback Steakhouse restaurant, I was looking around the restaurant and happened to glance at a poster which was hanging on a wall not close to where I was seated, and something about the poster immediately caught my eye…

Outback Steakhouse

Click on the image for a larger version. Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

…how in the world could the steak in the lower left corner have grill marks spaced that far apart on the grill on which it is being cooked? The grill marks simply do not match the grill.

As usual, other responses to this article from readers of The Gate had me entertained and more educated — including searing meat does not hold in natural juices; the steak vaguely resembles a map of Australia; and do they really only cook 1 steak at a time?

Favorite answer by Whiskarina: “The grill marks on the steak do not match the grill on the picture??”

Favorite comment by Christian: “I don’t think that Outback cooks over wood. Pretty much every restaurant uses gas.”


This article was originally published on Tuesday, January 3, 2020 at 16:59 Eastern Standard Time; but a new feature has since been added to this article: the Favorite Answer will usually be the correct answer by a reader of The Gate — along with a Favorite Comment from the same article which I found to be funny or informative. Each has a link to the original comment.

Past articles with which you can participate and play along with the What is Wrong With This Photograph? game — which have not been answered yet, for the most part — include:

Except as noted, all photographs ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

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