Photograph ©2020 by Pat Baird.

Answers to Past Articles — Part 13: Reader Edition

In past articles in which your participation was not only requested but also helpful and humorous, I did not give the answers to questions which I have posed to you; so this article is the thirteenth of a series to do just that — along with links to the aforementioned articles…

Answers to Past Articles — Part 13: Reader Edition

…and the links are embedded in the titles of each section as well as within the sections themselves; so please click on the links in each section to take you to the original article — and this edition is entirely comprised of photographs which were contributed by readers of The Gate.

The Favorite Answer will usually be the correct answer by a reader of The Gate — along with a Favorite Comment from the same article which I found to be funny or informative.

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 61: Reader Edition

Source: Anonymous reader of The Gate.

A reader of The Gate — who wishes to remain anonymous — was sitting at the bar area of a restaurant while waiting for an order of food to take out and noticed a receipt which was left behind; and the total on the receipt does not add up: $42.16 plus twelve dollars equals $54.16, not $84.16…

…unless the person meant to leave a generous gratuity.

Favorite answer by Liz boulais: “Amount plus gratuity equals $54.16 not $84.16. Have to wonder if customer made mistake or someone changed the 5 to an 8. Also tip percentages are off for 20% and 30%.”

Favorite comment by Ben LeRoy: “Well, not sure of my math here, but their predetermined gratuity is off by a few cents on each line. I am also not sure if the customer can’t draw a 5 or if someone was cooking or he books for the restaurant.”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 62: Reader Edition

Source: Anonymous reader of The Gate.

Unless poor grammar was used to warn about some aggressive dog or mongrel waiting on the side, someone did not proofread the word curbside on the sign which was used by an Italian restaurant in New Jersey during the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic, as submitted by a reader of The Gate who wishes to remain anonymous.

Favorite answer by Joan Crenshaw: “Curbeside should be curbside.”

Favorite comment by Kathleen: “‘Curbside’ is spelled incorrectly, unless your curb(e) is at Towne Pointe Mall in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where it seems all sorts of things come with an extra ‘e’”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 63: Reader Edition

Photograph ©2020 by Pat Baird.

Pat Baird — who is a reader of The Gatetook the photograph which is shown above at the Rosslyn Metro station in Arlington, Virginia. Exactly which way is the detour?!?

Favorite answer by colleen: “Living in an area of current road construction, there’s an “L” intersection near my house with this exact signage (albeit on “Bob’s Barricades”, ubiquitous in Florida). Not uncommon in re-routing detours, I’d expect.”

Favorite comment by John Maynes: “Someone is so bored that they want to sit back and watch people run into each other.
Maybe that is a new twist on a dating site.”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 64: Reader Edition

Photograph ©2020 by Thomas Potter.

“It’s kind of funny if you’re not familiar with the area” is what Thomas Potter — who is a reader of The Gate — wrote in an e-mail message to me in which he submitted the photograph shown above. “It’s on M-50 in Michigan near Monroe. At first glance it seems like they don’t know which way to turn to get to Ida, but in reality there is a town called Maybee.”

The sign is located on the westbound side of Michigan State Highway 50 approximately seven miles west of the town of Monroe, which is located halfway between Detroit and Toledo. Decisions, decisions.

Favorite answer by Babblespeak: “Nothing. Those are just names of towns. Well, maybee the telephone pole is crooked.”

Favorite comment by Jim: “I was going to say that this sign is located in Raisinville Township near the Grape Missionary Church (really!), but the answer is ‘left Ida, maybe(e) right’”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 65: Reader Edition

Source: Anonymous reader of The Gate.

Speaking of decisions with road signs, a reader of The Gate — who wishes to remain anonymous — wrote to me that “Your ‘Ida/Maybee’ post jogged my memory for this photo I took a few years ago in Middletown, RI. I captioned it ‘Decisions, decisions.’”

Which direction would you choose — Purgatory or Paradise?

Favorite answer by Mike: “There is nothing wrong. A road can have different names in different directions.
Also it is common to have part of a road called Avenue and another part a road.”

Favorite comment by Ed: “Both sides of the sign look the same. Whether it’s the price of real estate or redemption in the afterlife, the upgrade to Paradise isn’t worth the cost of admission.”


You are encouraged to submit photographs of your own for this feature at The Gate. When you do, please let me know if you want to have photography credit attributed to you — as well as what is the photograph; and when and where it was taken. If your photograph is selected, it will be featured in a future article here at The Gate. Please continue submitting your photographs!

More answers to past articles will be forthcoming in future articles; and answers to past articles in the What is Wrong With This Photograph? game — which have already been answered — include:

All photographs ©2020 by various respective sources.


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