Photograph ©2021 by Jeannine Sohayda.

Answers to Past Articles — Part 24: Reader Edition

More signs of things to come — and go.

In past articles in which your participation was not only requested but also helpful and humorous, I did not give the answers to questions which I have posed to you; so this article is the nineteenth of a series to do just that — along with links to the aforementioned articles…

Answers to Past Articles — Part 24: Reader Edition

…and the links are embedded in the titles of each section as well as within the sections themselves; so please click on the links in each section to take you to the original article — and this edition is entirely comprised of photographs which were contributed by readers of The Gate.

The Favorite Answer will usually be the correct answer by a reader of The Gate — along with a Favorite Comment from the same article which I found to be funny or informative.

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 116: Reader Edition

Photograph ©2021 by Mi Rojo Muerta.

Mi Rojo Muerta — who is a reader of The Gate — wondered what type of container is allowed to be left in what seems to be the fuel area during a recent visit to the local landfill to dispose of some items: a partially full container, perhaps? What exactly defines a container in this particular situation? After all, neither empty nor full containers can be left at this spot.

Favorite answer and comment by derek: “The sign is weird because it is ok to leave partially full containers!

“I believe the picture shows a tank for used oil, such as motor oil. If so, users bring containers with oil and pour it into the cubical black contraption on top of the big cylindrical tank.”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 117: Reader Edition

Photograph ©2021 by NB_ga.

While driving southbound recently along Interstate 75 near Adairsville in the northern part of the state of Georgia, NB_ga — who is a reader of The Gate — noticed something curiously peculiar: none of the letters i had a dot over them; and this was the case on many of the highway signs along Interstate 75 north of Atlanta.

Interestingly enough, the typeface which is used for those signs is a special Georgia version of one of the official typefaces which is used for road signs throughout the United States — but ever since that article was posted on Saturday, October 23, 2021, all of these highway signs are currently being replaced with ones with the official typeface which is used in other states.

Coincidence — or did someone from either the state or federal highway departments see that article and ordered the replacements?!?

We may never know…

Favorite answer and comment by derek: “The 6 in exit 306 is actually an upside down 9, based on studying 6’s on other interstate exit signs. In addition, on federal interstates, they use a dot in the i, but this sign lacks it. d”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 118: Reader Edition

Photograph ©2021 by DaninMCI.

While staying as a guest at the Holiday Inn Express in Croydon, Indiana recently for three days, DaninMCI — who is a reader of The Gate — noted that the elevator was out of service for two of those three days; and notices of the broken elevator were affixed to walls and doors throughout the hotel property, which is three stories tall.

Photograph ©2021 by DaininMCI.

“I enjoyed this sign (see attached) at my recent stay at the HIX in Corydon, Indiana”, he wrote when he submitted the photographs for this series of articles. “They had issues with the elevator being broken for 2 of the days I was there but it’s only a 3 story hotel. On my way to check out they had posted signs about not having housekeeping due to the elevator issues which I didn’t understand on the third floor since they had carts up there and had been cleaning all week. Also, what would they do for rooms where people checked out. Anyway, all that seemed like typical “Covid Theater” but when I reached the ground floor they had the same sign posted on the first floor (see photo).  Last time I checked you don’t need an elevator for the first floor.”

Favorite answer by NB_ga: “The issue is less what is wrong with the photo than what is wrong with a hotel who expects its paying customers to walk up and down stairs but does not require their paid staff to do the same in order to fulfill normal hotel activities.”

Favorite comment by Trip Host: “There is no issue on this photo but people after seeing this they think that the stair 2nd have no roof access.”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 119: Reader Edition

Photograph ©2021 by Jeannine Sohayda.

Boonton is booming, as evidenced by the excitement of a new restaurant which is opening in this small city in Morris County in northern New Jersey. Jeannine Sohayda — who is a reader of The Gate — saw the sign, took photographs of it, and sent them in to be featured in this article because of the misspelling of both the word coming and the name Mediterranean.

Favorite answer by ASAN: “With the ‘comming soon’, shouldn’t it also be “aaarrrgghhh-ana restaurant??? :P:P:P”

Favorite comment by DC K: “I hope the name of the restaurant is spelled correctly.”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 120: Reader Edition

Photograph ©2021 by BLT.

The photograph shown above was taken by a reader of The Gate — who is identified only as BLT — who recently parked a vehicle in the parking lot of a company at which BLT was not an employee. However — after noticing something curiously peculiar upon exiting the vehicle — BLT stopped and took a photograph of it: what is the difference between the two parking spots where one is for visitor parking and the other is for visitor parking only?

Favorite answer and comment by derek: “I presume that both spaces are for visitor parking but having a different sign conveys the wrong meaning. Since one sign says ‘visitor parking only’, there could be an interpretation that the parking space on the right is acceptable for visitor parking but also for parking by other than visitors.”

Access to Past Articles in the What is Wrong With This Photograph? Series

You can refer to this definitive list of past articles of the What is Wrong With This Photograph? series of articles — which also includes articles which reveal the answers — and that list will be continuously updated as additional articles are written and posted here at The Gate. This is to ensure that future articles in this series are not encumbered with a long list of links — especially when viewing and reading them from a portable electronic device.

This will hopefully be considered a positive step towards the reading experience of The Gate on portable electronic devices. Your constructive input as a reader of The Gate is always appreciated.

Final Boarding Call

You are encouraged to submit photographs of your own for this feature at The Gate. When you do, please let me know if you want to have photography credit attributed to you — as well as what is the photograph; and when and where it was taken. If your photograph is selected, it will be featured in a future article here at The Gate.

Please continue submitting your photographs!

All photographs ©2021 by various respective sources.

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