Anyone Else Having a Problem Accessing the Transavia Web Site?

While planning for an upcoming trip, I had been accessing the official Internet web site of Transavia, which is a low cost airline that is wholly owned by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and operates a fleet of 49 Boeing 737-800 airplanes and eight Boeing 737-700 airplanes…

Anyone Else Having a Problem Accessing the Transavia Web Site?


Source: Transavia.

…but over the past week or so, all I keep getting when attempting to access that web site is a blank white screen with the message Access To Website Blocked in large bold letters — no matter which browser or device I use — and I was wondering if anyone else had the same bizarre issue. After all, potential customers who are not able to access the web site to purchase tickets cannot be good for business.

A quick search led me to this discussion which was posted at TripAdvisor, of which one member wanted “to make the web-check in in order to avoid charges from the airline, however, it appears that the web page is blocked or unavailable.”

At the official Twitter site of Transavia, a representative kept repeating that “We are experiencing a minor technical problem with our website at the moment. Please check in online later on or if you have a flight you can directly check in at the airport counter. I am really sorry for this inconvenience.”

The issue was referred to as a “minor” technical problem: “We are experiencing a minor technical problem with our website at the moment.”


This issue had been ongoing for days, by my experience; and it is unacceptable and not simply a “minor” issue, in my opinion.

If this is the level of service they offer prior to a flight — especially when the airline is at fault for a situation and is unwilling to offer relief in any form for customers — then I can only imagine how the experience must be once aboard the aircraft. I have since abandoned attempting to book a flight through this poor excuse of an airline.

Do you have any problem accessing the official Internet web site of Transavia? Have you ever flown as a passenger aboard one of the airplanes of Transavia?

Source: Transavia.

20 thoughts on “Anyone Else Having a Problem Accessing the Transavia Web Site?”

  1. Whitley Dillon says:

    I am also not able to access the website. I keep getting the same message, and it makes me a little nervous because I am suppose to check in with them in a couple days for a flight. I really don’t want to get stuck having to pay for counter check in fees because the website is down…

  2. daz says:

    The website is down still today?!

  3. I am experiencing the same problem for more than a week. I tried to reach the company via twitter without a reply. I am travelling to the Netherlands shortly and need to make a connection to Morocco. I still have to buy the tickets and until now it has been impossible.
    Any idea as to how to reach the reservations site?
    Do you think they are aware of the problem?

  4. Bedeve says:

    Hi ; nothing wrong with
    Cookies ??

  5. Arbie says:

    It is now Sept. 20th and the website is still down. Very poor service.

  6. Michael says:

    Same. Having issues checking into flight

  7. lily says:

    Still same problem: Access To Website Blocked!

  8. Keisha says:

    still not working

  9. Sboo says:

    I also having a ploblem to access the website. Luckily, my booking is on 10 Oct. I want to do another booking with transavia this week to other place, however, can not get in to website.

  10. Sandra says:

    You can access the website if you get on VPN. I was able to access it while connect to VNP Netherlands

  11. AG says:

    Both the website and the app are down for days – that is really strange – is the company going out of business?

  12. sal says:

    the access to the website is still blocked as of today 9/22/2018

  13. Rebecca Aftab says:

    It’s 09/24 and it is still blocked. I am getting ready for my europe trio and can’t even check my flight details. Hope it is fixed soon.

  14. m b says:

    Use a VPN. While I recommend everyone getting a VPN for traveling (no matter what country you go to) in this case, I was able to connect to servers in France and immediately able to connect from both the app and the website. VPNs are very easy to use and available for all platforms. Here is the one is use:

  15. Garry says:

    It is September 24 and I have tried, once again unsuccessfully, for the 10th time in a week to access the TRANSAVIA website … but it gives the same error message already reported … Access To Website Blocked. Very frustrating and I am amazed that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has anything to do with this. It appears to be a very serious computer crash would be my guess. We are ready to fly in a few days and are unable to confirm our flights. See you at the counter to check in.


    It is now Sept. 27th, I’m looking for tickets and the website is still down.
    Very poor service.

  17. Sat says:

    Same to me Jan 25,2019 website still block. No idea how they run business with poor website!
    Is the counter check in still have a fee?

  18. Dick van Dijk says:

    It is now March 10, 2019 and problem still exists.
    They better stop well if this is their status of technological know-how!

  19. ron says:

    Yes it does not work.

  20. alain says:

    Access To Website Blocked
    i have the same problem .
    does it comes from my phone ? or frime transavia web site ? no one answer me !!!

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