April Fool’s Day Quiz: Guess Which Topics are Real and Which are Fake

It is April 1 once again — and that means that the pranksters are out weaving their fun throughout the forums on FlyerTalk in what has become an annual tradition…

…but sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.
Let’s create a game out of this: do you think you can correctly guess which of the following twenty FlyerTalk discussion topics are actually real — and which are merely pranks — for April Fool’s Day?

  1. Drive out of Florida with a vehicle from Avis for the low one-way rental rate of only $9.95 per day for up to a maximum of 14 days starting today.
  2. The management of airberlin influenced and convinced the pilot union of Lufthansa to go on strike this week.
  3. Frankfurt Airport closes through April 4, 2014 to have all four runways repaired.
  4. Two of four runways close for four consecutive months at San Francisco International Airport starting on Sunday, May 17, 2014.
  5. Delta Air Lines is to close its hub in Atlanta and move its operations back to Monroe, Louisiana.
  6. Mount Tungurahua in Ecuador erupts and causes evacuations; its effects were felt by people hundreds of kilometres away.
  7. Mesa Air Group, Incorporated will cease its Hawai’i operations known as go! Airlines effective as of today.
  8. Brussels Airlines launches service to Antarctica with one flight per week on Sundays effective as of October 27, 2014.
  9. El Al orders four Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” aircraft for delivery in 2017.
  10. Automatically earn two Delta Air Lines SkyMiles per eligible dollar spent on room revenue during the month of April at any Sheraton hotel and resort property in the United States or Canada with a new Crossover Rewards offer.
  11. WestJet converts to metric time.
  12. The Premier reservations center for United Airlines in Dearborn may be closing.
  13. More changes are forthcoming for the British Airways Executive Club frequent flier loyalty program.
  14. Qantas significantly devalues its frequent flier loyalty programme to the chagrin of FlyerTalk members.
  15. A massive devaluation is forthcoming for the IHG Rewards Club frequent guest loyalty program in May of 2014.
  16. A new form of manufactured spending using tokens from Chuck E. Cheese locations replaces the cash-only requirement of Vanilla Reload cards sold at CVS pharmacies.
  17. New research commissioned by British Airways has revealed the range of emotions fliers go through when they travel and the quirks that make them feel comfortable.
  18. Today is the 40th birthday of British Airways.
  19. A FlyerTalk member spent one hour and 48 minutes on the telephone one night recent with United Airlines trying to get compensation for a badly botched baggage handling, which included speaking to 13 representatives — nine of whom swore that nobody could help but customer care and that those people could not be reached by telephone — all for a travel voucher worth $200.00.
  20. Check your Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program account for missing segments and other information which suddenly disappeared.

The answers to this quiz will be posted on Thursday, April 3, 2014 — along with corresponding links to their respective discussions posted on FlyerTalk — to give you time to answer the questions. Please post your answers in the Comments section below.
Additionally, I intend to post actual articles with more detailed information here at The Gate on some of the stories listed above which are actual discussions concerning FlyerTalk members.
I originally posted content similar to this three years ago and thought it was time to revisit this idea. Can you guess which topics were real and which were fake back then without clicking on the links?
Meanwhile — Happy April Fool’s Day!

One thought on “April Fool’s Day Quiz: Guess Which Topics are Real and Which are Fake”

  1. jzweighaft says:

    Early this morning I changed the Hertz fleet list to reflect that Hertz had shut down all operations… but changed it back shortly thereafter since I thought it was too unbelievable 😉

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