Are Airlines Deliberately Avoiding Crediting Partner Flights?

“I ’ve had about a half dozen partner segments this year (AZ, AF, KL), all booked on 006 stock and purchased while logged into, so my Skymiles number is in the reservation from the beginning”, Milepoint member Gargoyle posted recently. “Every time I’ve waited 10 or 12 days, but the segment doesn’t post. I then file a request for credit and I’m quickly credited. Each time their template response says that ‘at the time of your next reservation, you can expedite the posting of your mileage by providing your Sky Miles number to the airline representative.’ That sounds like an attempt to blame me for the miles/mqm’s not posting. However, with every flight I’ve confirmed with the gate agent that my number is listed, and I’ve checked the boarding pass to ensure the number is shown there.

“Am I the only one seeing this, or is it wide spread? Have you personally experienced it? I’m thinking this is a deliberate policy, to not credit the miles/MQM’s unless the customer notices and asks. By so doing DL can save millions of miles, at no expense other than violating customer trust and not keeping their word.”

Are airlines deliberately avoiding crediting partner flights?

I have been wondering about that myself; but my experience is not with Delta Air Lines. One example is that I have flown on a number of flights operated by both Etihad Airways and Gulf Air — and with no sign of the flights being credited to my American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program account…

…but at least with Etihad Airways, my request for the missing mileage to be credited to my account can be placed via the official Internet web site of AAdvantage. With Gulf Air, I have to send my request via fax.

In the screen shot on the left, I am instructed to send a fax of my flights on Gulf Air to a certain telephone number. No such requirement is mandatory on requesting credits for flights operated by Etihad Airways, as shown in the screen shot on the right.
In the screen shot on the left, I am instructed to send a fax of my flights operated by Gulf Air to a certain telephone number. No such requirement is mandatory on requesting credits for flights operated by Etihad Airways, as shown in the screen shot on the right.

Fax? Is 1985 calling using one of those touch-tone telephones?!?

My experiences suggest that it is not just airlines where credit is missing: I also rented cars from Avis recently in places such as Cairo and Abu Dhabi; but the 1,500 Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program points for each car rental still have not posted to my account despite my using the correct codes and following the rules from this recent promotion.

Are airlines and other travel entities quietly using yet another method in an attempt to squeeze out more profits at the expense of irritating and inconveniencing their customers?

Perhaps Gargoyle and I are simply imagining things; so I am turning to you: have you experienced similar issues in receiving credit despite fulfilling all requirements?

  1. Flew from ICN to FCO via Alitalia . Delta won’t credit miles and MQM, want boarding pass – Alitalia won’t provide copy of old boarding pass only can provide E-ticket #. Delta won’t accept E-Ticket #

  2. I have had mixed results this year. All of my KLM travel posted including a codeshare with Vietnam. Same with my two Air France flights. Two domestic Vietnam Air flights and a Tarom flight did not. Both resolved quickly. Hertz has been bad about some of the Delta miles posting on the good miles deals. I would say at least a few times a year a hotel or car or partner falls short, but I check everything about a week after every trip.

  3. Yes, i think this is completely intentional on Delta’s part. i’ve had same experienced in 2015 with Aeromexico, A.Argentina and Air France all either issued as Delta tickets or code shares. I’m a Delta Platinum Medallion as well and #s input and reconfirmed and still had to request each time mileage credit in online but special request.

  4. Yup I flew on Air Berlin and had to wait 15 days to request the mileage to my AA account.

    I also had to make a mileage request through delta when flying with Alitalia.

    In the past my miles would post within 24-48 hours now you have to wait to request the mileage, at least that’s what happened to me in my two flights this past month.

  5. Flew Gulf Air from LHR to BKK round trip (AA RDU to LHR). Took multiple conversations, faxes, and followup to have partial credit issued. I gave up on the last 3k miles. Absolutely felt that the hurdles were intentional.

  6. True. The airlines are playing games and they don’t trust each other. I recently flew from BCN-MAD on Iberia. I am an AA Executive Platinum . My experience at check in at the priority line was in BCN was: “YOU ARE NOBODY HERE IN IBERIA. YOU CAN”T STAY IN THIS LINE”. Apparently, the airlines are not sharing the passangers information during the reservation. I booked this ticket on the Iberia Website using my AAdvantage number. My miles were not posted. I had to request the credit online and AA requested my boarding pass and a copy of the reservation to be sent to their office. I sent via email all the information and after 4 weeks, I was informed that the European System of reservation on Iberia changed my name in the reservation putting my first and middle name together and it was different from my AAdavantage Account. Therefore, the miles could not be posted. But the problem was fixed and the miles posted after 8 weeks.

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