Are Transportation Security Administration Agents Federal Officers?

Are Transportation Security Administration agents considered federal officers, and do they have the power to detain passengers?
According to FlyerTalk member catocony, the following interaction with a Transportation Security Administration agent occurred at an airport security checkpoint recently:

TSO “May I speak to you”
Me “About what”
TSO “You were rude and insulting to my officer”.
Me: “No I wasn’t, but what’s your point” as I walked around the side. He follows me
TSO “We are federal officers, you need to be respectful (sic)”
Me “Oh really” as I start walking over to the escalators.
TSO “Sir, can you stop? I can detain you”.
Me “Oh really, you think you can?”
TSO “My officers have a hard job and are doing their duty. You cannot be rude to the officers”
Me “Tell you what, if you guys are nice and pleasant to every customer who comes through the line, then I’ll (we’ll) be nice and pleasant to you” as I walked on over to escalator to go catch my flight.

Do Transportation Security Administration agents have the power to detain passengers? If so, on what grounds?

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