Are You a Frequent Flier? How Would You Like to Become a Television Star?

It is possible that you may become a celebrity, as A Reality TV Show — Seeks To Make A FlyerTalker a Star by a major television network which is attempting to find participants for a new television show.

This television show will address a story of the secret double life of a FlyerTalk member as a mileage-obsessed frequent flier who also has a life most know in “reality.”

Do you lead what most people consider a normal life, but yet turn into this voracious miles and points monster, hungering for the best deals while securing elite status in you favorite frequent flier loyalty program? Do people even know about this obsessive side of you — is it a secret, or does the whole world know that you are indeed crazy?

This new television show will focus on the secret lives of frequent fliers, and they can even remain anonymous if preferred — although if they would like to “come clean,” the television show is also offering professional help for anyone who would like help confronting the truth.

Best of all, if casted for this television show, you get to earn real money! What better way is there to fund one’s miles and points addictions — er…we mean hobbies?

This is a real casting call, and it is open for a limited time. Find out how you can possibly be the next television star…

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