Are You Avoiding Travel to Georgia Because of the New Voting Law?

Companies, government agencies, and professional sports organizations — such as Major League Baseball, which moved the 2021 All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, as an example — are either banning official travel to Georgia or boycotting the state in some manner because of the recent passage of a law by the Georgia General Assembly known as either Senate Bill 202 or the Election Integrity Act of 2021, which is supposed to better secure fair elections in the state by having the process of voting easier to do while simultaneously ensuring that voter fraud is more difficult through a number of measures.

Are You Avoiding Travel to Georgia Because of the New Voting Law?

Brian P. Kemp — who is the current governor of Georgia — signed the bill into law on Thursday, March 25, 2021

…but doing so with six other White men in front of a painting of a plantation was probably not exactly the best public relations move in the history of the state government…

…and Park Cannon — who is a Black state representative for House District 58 in Georgia — was detained by law enforcement officers when she knocked on the door of the office during the private session of the signing of the bill into law by the governor.

Kemp has fiercely defended the new law, stating that “As governor, I refuse to back down from this fight because the integrity of our elections is the foundation of who we are as Georgians.”

Opponents of the law claim that it suppresses and restricts the right to vote of people who are not White; and that it is a ploy by members of the Republican political party to attempt to prevent additional members of the Democratic political party from winning elections in the future — especially when Donald J. Trump claimed that the presidential election was stolen.

The Georgia voting law — like so many others being pursued by Republicans in statehouses across the country — is a blatant attack on the right to vote, the Constitution, and good conscience”, Joseph R. Biden — who is the current president of the United States — said via his official Twitter account. “It’s Jim Crow in the 21st Century — and it must end.


Photograph ©2021 by Brian Cohen.

I currently am based in Georgia and have no plans to move out of the state in the foreseeable future; so avoiding travel to Georgia is not possible for me…

…but I have not yet read all 98 pages of the bill — nor have I reviewed the 95 pages of this version; nor have I verified for comparison purposes the claims that the election laws of certain other states are actually more restrictive than the one in Georgia — so I do not consider myself yet qualified to reach my own conclusion.

I will say this before I go back to read the remainder of the entire bill, as I do not trust what the media broadcasts with their interpretations: I believe that every legal citizen of legal age in the United States has a right to vote for whomever he or she wants to elect to office — and not a single one of them should be prevented from doing so.

I intend to also cover the involvement of Delta Air Lines in the process of the creation of this law in a future article…

…but in the meantime: are you avoiding travel to Georgia because of the Election Integrity Act of 2021? Do you allow politics to determine where you travel in general?

All photographs ©2021 by Brian Cohen.

18 thoughts on “Are You Avoiding Travel to Georgia Because of the New Voting Law?”

  1. Matthew says:

    No. I make decisions based on my business needs not on political narratives.

  2. NB_ga says:

    As a Georgia resident, I have zero plans to boycott my state. Nor have I ever considered the political opinions of a location to which I have traveled.

    I do not expect others to think exactly like me and I welcome different opinions – both at home and when I travel. It seems if people legitimately investigated such things (not relying solely on the narrative of the moment) and reacted as such based on their findings, they would likely never leave home.

    I have read all 98 pages of the bill… interested to chat about it once you are up to speed.

  3. Courtney says:

    Like Matthew, I also make my decisions based on my business needs and not political narratives…

  4. Brian L. says:

    There are a few places I will refuse to travel because I don’t like the policies of their governments, but 1) that list is pretty damn small (China, North Korea, Turkey, maybe one or two others); and 2) there are no places in the United States on that list.

    I’m of the opinion that if someone boycotts travel to Georgia over this, they probably weren’t very likely to go to Georgia anyway.

  5. Ed A. says:

    The reason that the Republican legislature changed the voting laws was because of Trump’s lies about election fraud. (i.e. code for minorities voting). Since the Republicans did that, in part, for a racist reason and based up on Trump’s falsehoods which led to the capitol hill riots of January 6, I think the state which elected those folks should be encouraged not to re-elect them. Accordingly, I will not travel to Georgia. In fact, I just flew Delta to Bogota but routed my flight DCA via. JFK and enjoyed a wine at the AMEX club.

  6. Barry Graham says:

    I am glad you wrote “but I have not yet read all 98 pages of the bill — nor have I reviewed the 95 pages of this version; nor have I verified for comparison purposes the claims that the election laws of certain other states are actually more restrictive than the one in Georgia — so I do not consider myself yet qualified to reach my own conclusion” since I also haven’t read off the pages of the bill. It’s likely most of those calling for a boycott also haven’t read most of the pages. If, as has been stated, it’s about requiring ID to vote, and if this is what the fuss is all about, then I applaud the change. In any case I applaud Brian’s statement.

  7. robbo says:

    Can’t wait to get there. I will order an Uber using my ID from my home. I’ll then head to the Airport and collect my ticket using my ID, then I will go to check-in using a person and show my ID to them happily. I’ll head through Security and happily show my ID to the TSA agents. And if they want to do a chemicals test on me, I gladly show them my ID. Then I will probably go the Lounge or a Bar and show my ID. Time to board now towards my Coach class seat, I might have a beer on-board, I’ll happily show my ID. When I land, in ATL I will head to baggage carousel and collect my bags, the agent there will ask to see my ID to identify my baggage. No worries. Done. As I head out of the airport, to grab a cab for the hotel, I will check-in. They will want my ID, easy. Very normal.

    Then I will head over to Citibank and close all my accounts #boycottcitibank #screwthem

    But I promise this.

    It won’t be Delta Airlines #boycottdelta #screwthem

    I will not drink Coke with any drinks I have #boycottcocacola #screwthem

    I will never attend a Falcons or Hawks games #boycottfalcons #boycottHawks

    I will not bank with Citibank ever again #boycottcitibank #screwthem

    I will not send my packages with UPS ever. #boycottups #screwthem ( UPS flat out delivering anything on time as it is, fix that problem you #dickheads )

    And CBS can go to hell. I already gave up on those clowns 4 years ago anyway. #leftwingradicals #mediacensorship

    And Obama, shut the hell up, we don’t care what you think. We dumped you 5 years ago man, go away.

    It’s about time the free speech advocates, the free thinking people of this country stood up to these bullies. Hit them in the hip-pocket and lets see how long they last.

    And already that Abrahams has caved in #gutlesswonder

    1. Anon1234 says:

      You dumped Obama? No, he termed out. Sort of undermines your entire argument if you don’t even know that. And as a popular ex-president who committed no crimes and was never impeached, people do care what he had to say.

      The point you miss is that every business you mentioned needs one thing to thrive and prosper–a vital democracy. The GOP has clearly become an authoritarian party that is the opposite of democracy.

      Without a democracy, free enterprise cannot exist. Just look at Russia. Every one of these firms is standing up for Ameica. I should add that everyone one of these firms would probably prefer the GOP to run things, but not the current GOP which is hardly recognizable. any more as the Grand Old Party.

  8. Deltahater says:

    No, but I have been boycotting CA, OR, WA for 4 years. I think you leftist bloggers are woefully unaware of how many conservatives there are in the USA

    @Ed.. seriously? You thin because you flew DL via JFK you are ‘screwing’ DL? Please study economics 101 for High School juniors.

  9. Gene B. says:

    What is the logic behind restricting anyone from supplying food items and beverages to voters who are standing in line at the precinct to vote? I have always been open to the idea of presenting one’s ID at the precinct; however, on absentee ballots whoever is assigned to verify signatures can potentially cause a valid ballot to be discounted. Our Republic (not democracy) is based upon principles and the rules of the majority. The voters in Georgia were not openingly informed before this bill was passed. Smells like sour milk to me; however, I am flying into Georgia in a couple of weeks. In my opinion, however, anything based on lies will cause corruption.

    1. NB_ga says:

      * When the water bottle is wrapped in a completed ballot sponsored by a paid organizer, it was campaigning with 150 ft of a precinct.
      * When underprivileged persons are encouraged to come vote in order to receive food and water, it was payment for a vote.
      * When absentee ballots are requested on behalf of electors without their knowledge and a third party shows up at your door with your mail-in ballot all ready to “help” you vote and submit your absentee ballot for you, it was a recipe for fraud.
      * When mobile precincts are brought into a community and residents rounded up and “encouraged” to come vote with the “help” of community activists, these electors were not voting with free will.

      Legal voters of Georgia have begged for these kinds of changes for years.

  10. DaninMCI says:

    Well, I’m not going to the All-Star game there anymore.

    To me, this is all race-baiting. It’s getting a bit old to point out all the ways that you need photo ID but when asking for ID to vote it’s racist. Crazy. Also all the spin and lies about not allowing people to have water when waiting in line to vote and such nonsense.

  11. George says:

    lol, remember when everyone was boycotting one of the Carolinas for some reason?

    Or, people weren’t buying beans?

    If you aren’t on twitter, you don’t care about any of this. Life is much more difficult than the blue-check mob online who think they dictate the direction of the country.

  12. AlohaDaveKennedy says:

    Boycotting travel to cities run by members of the party of the jackass, which includes Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and other cities where I or various members of my family have or still live. Being an old auditor and fraud examiner who used to have access to voter registration databases in Texas I can confirm that there is a need for voter identification to avoid fraud because I have seen firsthand dead folk and otherwise unqualified folk still on the rolls. I guess the jackasses among us want us to forget why Landslide Lyndon got his nickname. Spare us the braying about racism – if one has to show ID to drive and work and buy alcohol or pot, the donkey kong or elephant folk and us independent voters should be required to show ID to vote.

  13. Bill says:

    Wouldn’t have traveled there in the first place. I love the trump cultists who whine and moan about cancel culture but are the first to call for laughable, ridiculous boycotts that they don’t even actually stand behind. Clowns the lot of them.

  14. Brian B says:

    Brian can’t help himself. He got blasted by the vaccine Karens last week for his honest take and understandable skepticism. Now he feels like he has to make up ground with those woke folks and so he posts a question which lends credence to the mendacious Jim Crow narrative as a bit of a virtue signal. Brian, if you’re smart enough to question the vaccines you’re certainly smart enough to read through this typical Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/corporate media malarkey. Come on man, you’re Brian Cohen, not Brian Stelter.

  15. Jackson Waterson says:

    Due to the support of voter/election fraud/anti white hate/attacks on free speech by the majority of blacks, I avoid spending money in black businesses and sports teams so I don’t fund joggers earning 20 million a year to put a ball through a hoop or sprinters earning 20 million dollars a year to catch a football.

    We can’t avoid spending money at Apple or the big banks because they play such a prominent role in our lives, however, I will avoid any small/mid sized business owned by blacks or that disproportionately hires blacks. I will never hire blacks when in a position of hiring or where I recommend people be hired. Same goes for lgbt.

    I’m just giving what I’m getting. It’s now official policy for corporate America/academia/government to hire non whites and women just because they are not white and not men. If whites want to survive and not be economically disenfranchised, we need to do the same and fight fire with fire. If all other races are allowed to have a preference for their own in hiring, whites should start discarding the content of character nonsense and hire and benefit only their own.

  16. stogieguy7 says:

    Straw man argument/question. For one thing, my travel is based on my business or personal needs. Secondly, in spite of media manipulation and outrageous lies from the White House (Jim Crow? does this fossil have a clue what that even was?), this voting law is pretty standard fare among states across the country. Some (like Delaware) are stricter. If I were idiot enough to boycott GA over this, then I’d need to skip dozens of other states too. And forget international travel because it’s “Jim Crow” all over the world!

    This is idiocy.

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