Are You Smarter Than the Average 5-Year-Old Frequent Flier?

“F ind out if you’ve been paying attention to recent headlines by taking our ten-question Travel News Quiz. From airline and hotel mergers, to deception in the automotive industry, or plans for a Concorde replacement, challenge yourself and find out how much you really know about what has transpired in the past few of weeks in the world of travel.”

That is the introduction to this article written by Jesse Sokolow of Frequent Business Traveler, which was brought to my attention by Jonathan Spira, who is its editorial director.

Are You Smarter Than the Average 5-Year-Old Frequent Flier? The Quiz

The following questions are the ones which were asked in the aforementioned article; but in that article, you are given a choice of four answers. Taking the quiz here would be more difficult, as no possible answers are provided — except for links to those questions whose answers are found in past articles here at The Gate.

  1. Which airline tried unsuccessfully to acquire Virgin America?
  2. Which of the following airports will see greater competition thanks to a change in capacity come October?
  3. What company is slated to acquire Starwood Hotels and Resorts?
  4. Which automaker was recently sued by the Federal Trade Commission over deceptive advertising?
  5. Which of the following airlines is not proposing flights to Cuba?
  6. What airline recently announced plans for a major expansion at a London airport?
  7. Which hotelier recently introduced a robotic concierge in conjunction with IBM?
  8. Who just introduced plans for a new supersonic plane?
  9. What airline will pay your bar tab during a layover?
  10. Which automaker is building a hotel in the United States?


Getting all — or none — of the questions answered correctly may not necessarily mean that you are smarter than the average bear…er…I mean 5-year-old frequent flier; but it is a fun little quiz which will get you up to speed on some of the latest news about which frequent travelers have been reading.

Admittedly, I answered two questions incorrectly.

Try answering the questions to the quiz yourself here at The Gate; and please post your answers below in the Comments section — then see if your answers are correct when you compare them to the answers offered by the original quiz.

Good luck; and may the miles and points be with you…

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

One thought on “Are You Smarter Than the Average 5-Year-Old Frequent Flier?”

  1. Christian says:

    I may not be smarter than the average bear, but I am smarter than the average beer.

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