Ask and Ye Shall Receive, Part 2: Comparison of Mileage Expiration Policies for Airlines Based in the United States, and Delta Air Lines Specifically

Although FlyerTalk member Kiwi Flyer first mentioned this topic here in this FlyerTalk “blog”, please allow me to further elaborate on this topic, as well as specifically mention the new policy change pertaining to the expiration of Delta Air Lines SkyMiles.

All FlyerTalk member SealBeach did was ask a simple question:

“Is there a definitive and/or comprehensive list somewhere of the US carriers’ mileage expiration policies?”

Only two hours and one minute elapsed until a comprehensive but incomplete list of the mileage policies of many airlines based in the United States was graciously posted by FlyerTalk member choster.

Fourteen minutes after that, FlyerTalk member soitgoes amended the list with additional information.

How is that for service?

This thread not only epitomizes the MilesBuzz! forum where it resides, but also exemplifies the intended purpose of what FlyerTalk is all about, at its very core.

Read all about it in the Definitive List of US Carriers’ Mileage Expiration Policies? thread!

Now if FlyerTalk can also have a similar list for all other airlines outside of the United States, as well as a comprehensive list of expiration policies for the frequent guest programs of hotel chains worldwide and the frequent renter programs of car rental companies worldwide, that would be great — that is, if those threads do not already exist…

According to Delta Air Lines, effective December 31, 2006, Delta Air Lines SkyMiles will expire after two years without any account activity (earning or redeeming, for example). Currently, any mileage activity within a three-year period prevents SkyMiles from expiring. Delta Air Lines is making this change to reduce the mileage liability for members who are no longer active and to reduce overall program administrative costs. Mileage balances of members who have had no SkyMiles activity within the last two calendar years (2005 and 2006) will expire on December 31, 2006.

Of course, there are differing opinions to the new policy change by FlyerTalk members participating in the Skymiles to expire in 2 yrs begining Jan 2007 thread.

FlyerTalk member NoStressHere predicts here that this new policy will expunge many SkyMiles members, many SkyMiles accounts, and many SkyMiles from the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program — especially affecting the SkyMiles members who only travel occasionally.

However, FlyerTalk member MileKing states here that he believes that this is yet another “enhancement” to the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program that is not in favor of the customer.

In response, FlyerTalk member cj001f finds that the new SkyMiles expiration policy is an improvement.

The debate continues from that point in this thread…

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