Your Assistance Requested With Plans For Tenth Anniversary for a Fellow Frequent Flier

I n June of 2005, a person joined FlyerTalk with the name flyfarfar and asked for assistance from fellow FlyerTalk members for advice on a “great” trip to San Francisco from the midwestern United States for the purpose of proposing to his girlfriend — and in response, he received suggestions which he considered great as well.

That was greater than nine years ago. Today, this person — whose FlyerTalk name has since changed to The Weekly Flyer — is not only an active member of the frequent flier community; but he also has his own weblog here at BoardingArea called Points, Miles & Martinis.

More importantly, his girlfriend said “yes” to his proposal. I certainly hope she said yes: they are currently married, have children, and are approaching their tenth wedding anniversary — and that is where you come in.

They plan on returning to San Francisco to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. I had not been to San Francisco in years; so I cannot personally impart any tips which are current. What advice and suggestions can you offer them to ensure that their trip is memorable?

Thank you in advance.

By the way, I keep reminding Randy Petersen how many lives he has significantly affected with the launch of such Internet web sites as FlyerTalk. While the original main purpose of FlyerTalk was to discuss the best ways to earn and redeem frequent traveler loyalty program miles and points, it became a whole lot more…

…and this story by The Weekly Flyer is but one of a plethora of examples of how many lives have been changed for the better because of FlyerTalk.

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