Atlanta to Istanbul $474.16 Round Trip

A irfare deals involving Atlanta can be difficult to find — so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that round-trip flights between Atlanta and Istanbul are pricing out at $474.16 round trip with flights operated by Air Canada via Toronto.

Atlanta to Istanbul $474.16 Round Trip

You can book this flight via Air Canada or United Airlines, as shown below with a sample itinerary:

Atlanta to Istanbul round-trip itinerary $474.16

Click on the graphic for an enlarged version.

Atlanta to Istanbul round-trip itinerary $474.16

The total cost for a round trip flight between Atlanta and Istanbul prices out to $474.16. Source: United Airlines.

As you can see via the graphic on the left, the airfare is $390.00 plus $84.16 in taxes and fees.

I am not sure if the airfare is low due to recent events in Turkey — such as the failed attempted military coup or the explosions and gunfire which erupted at Istanbul Atatürk Airport — but it seems like a good deal to me.


The airfares seem to be good when the outbound occurs from Sunday through Wednesday during every month from September of 2016 through the first week of March of 2017 — with the exception of December of 2016. Returns to Atlanta appear to be valid Monday through Thursday during the same time period — as long as the flights are at least 13 days later than the outbound flight. There seems to be plenty of availability at this time; and airfares vary from $474.16 to $491.46, with the latter involving flights operated by United Airlines and airline partners such as SWISS International Airlines.

Two weeks may be a long time in Turkey; but you can use that time to either travel extensively throughout Turkey and thoroughly explore the country — or you can travel to other destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa: Tel Aviv for as low as $118.00; Athens for $86.00; Milan for $81.00; Stockholm for $98.00; Tblisi for $87.00; or even Baku for $103.00 as only a few of many examples of return airfares which include all taxes and fees.

You can also get potentially good deals on lodging in Turkey, too.

These airfares between Atlanta and Istanbul do not appear to be mistake fares, which is why I wrote this article. I found this airfare while exploring Google Flights; so if this airfare is posted anywhere else, I do not know about it.

I am thinking of taking advantage of this low airfare — but in the meantime, I hope this helps you…

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2 thoughts on “Atlanta to Istanbul $474.16 Round Trip”

  1. Ric Garrido says:

    Tickets to Istanbul are low priced from much of the USA and frequently have been in low $400s from many hubs including California for the past couple of months.

    I don’t bother writing about these fares since I find very little reader interest. Great deals though if you want to visit Istanbul.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I read your fare alerts, Ric Garrido — including the rare ones you reported about Atlanta, which seems to otherwise almost always be left out of the deals for some reason.

      I have been monitoring airfares out of Atlanta for a long time, though; and I have not seen those airfares to Istanbul until earlier this week.

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