Attain Elite Status Twice as Fast on United Airlines

United Airlines suddenly announced, to the chagrin of FlyerTalk members who already purchased flights for the year, a double elite qualification miles, or EQMs, promotion. Earning double the amount of elite qualification miles on flights means that one can earn elite status in the Mileage Plus program on United Airlines in half the time it takes to do so normally.

While there are indeed some FlyerTalk members who were unhappy with the sudden announcement because they wished they would have known about it in advance so that they could plan and schedule their flights to take better advantage of this generous promotion, many other FlyerTalk members are thrilled and are planning their flights as you are reading this.

Find out all of the details and commentary in the United Double EQM – Travel dates: March 19, 2009 – June 15, 2009 thread.

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