Bad Service at a Restaurant: Should You Leave a Tip?

Here is a tip: Get tips from FlyerTalk members about leaving tips in the Do you tip if bad service received? thread, but don’t get tipsy if the thread tips from too many tips about leaving tips, whether or not beef sirloin tips are ordered.

4 thoughts on “Bad Service at a Restaurant: Should You Leave a Tip?”

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  2. Sierra says:

    I think it depends on the situation and if the waiter or waitress tried to help with the issue.

  3. Ariel Smith says:

    You should always leave a tip as your waitperson depends on this for a living. If the service was bad, tip less, but leave something. Also, you don’t know if the delay in getting your food was the servers. It could have been the cook, the front of the house, shortage of items, any number of issues. Unless you are sure the issue was with your server, you should tip appropriately.

  4. Matt Harrison says:

    Good service bad service I understand the server works for that money. I’ve been a server I know what it’s like.
    I eat out alot dont mind tipping if I cant afford the tip then I cant afford to out. That said when I get poor service I find the manager I give him the gratuity and its considerably less than the 20 percent I normally leave for good service. I explain the reason to why I’m tipping so little, reason I do this is I dont want the server to think I’m I’m cheap and it was their poor service that got them so little.

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