Bare Feet Don’t Belong There. Or There. Or There…

If you travel frequently, you have likely seen one of these scenarios aboard an airplane: bare feet on the bulkhead wall. Bare feet on the armrests of the person seated in front. Bare feet on the back of the seat of the person seated in front. The toes of bare feet being used to control the touch screen of the in-flight entertainment system…

Bare Feet Don’t Belong There. Or There. Or There…

…but an image that shows a pair of filthy feet propped up on the top of the back of the seat of a woman — who appears dismayed and whose face is cropped from the nose up — aboard an airplane was posted in this discussion at Reddit called Going to be a long flight. Some people were disgusted by that photograph. Others were not. Still others have commented that they believe that the photograph was purposely staged and shot as a joke.

Whether or not the image is a joke, it is a good reminder not to put bare feet up on objects aboard an airplane. Some people even object to passengers putting their bare feet under the seat in front of them.

Walking with bare feet from the seat to the lavatory and back again aboard an airplane can be quite disgusting — especially when those bare feet step in some unidentified liquid on the floor of the lavatory.

That leads to the question: who knows where the bare feet of a person has stepped in before they place them on something else? While that may not necessarily be designated as a health hazard, placing bare feet inappropriately on objects is not exactly the cleanest thing to do either.


Bare feet have their time and place — but they do not belong in most places aboard an airplane, in my opinion. In fact, I find the oversized feet of some people spilling out of their sandals disgusting — but I suppose that is also my own personal viewpoint…

…but then again, I know some people who have a fetish for bare feet; while others are disgusted at the mere sight of bare feet. I do not fall into either of those categories.

As for the photograph at the top of this article — yes, it shows bare feet on the dashboard of a car. Find out why you should never place your feet on the dashboard of a vehicle — as well as why it is a potentially dangerous thing to do — in this article which I wrote on Sunday, August 13, 2017.

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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