Barely Cruising Along…

Naked Cruising is the latest trend, says ABTA, which is the Association of British Travel Agents.

Think about it: no worrying about staining that shirt; no time wasted buttoning and zipping, unbuttoning and unzipping; no concerns about fashion or style, and no baggage to lug everywhere. Could this idea catch on, or will this concept be exposed in a negative manner?

We wonder if whether or not the salads served on board those cruises are dressed…

One thought on “Barely Cruising Along…”

  1. George White says:

    For some reason articles about naturism sometimes invoke odd comments. The naturist community is growing in leaps and bounds and has nothing whatsoever to do with sex or the condition of one’s body. No one should be ashamed of their own body. Nothing can be more relaxing that to enjoy the outdoors in the nude without any one putting on heirs. North Americans are finally catching on to long established European traditiions. Enjoy life!

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