Batteries Not Included, Part II: Apple Macintosh Laptop Computers

FlyerTalk member techgirl first wrote about the Dell battery recall here in this FlyerTalk “blog”.

Well, Dell computer owners are not the only ones that are concerned about their batteries. Apple is now recalling batteries for G4 laptop computers manufactured between 2003 and 2006. FlyerTalk member climbermom was gracious enough to launch the MAC Battery Recall thread to call this to the attention of all FlyerTalk members who are Apple Macintosh laptop computer users and make them aware.

For what it is worth, I have been a devoted Apple Macintosh computer owner for many years. Fortunately, I do not own the laptop computers in question. However, I thought that those FlyerTalk members who have the burning question about the explosive issue of Apple Macintosh laptop computer batteries should be plugged into the latest news and developments.

One thought on “Batteries Not Included, Part II: Apple Macintosh Laptop Computers”

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