The Battle of the Canadian Airline Christmas Videos: Which is Better?

F or the past few years, WestJet has produced some creative videos which became popular — including its Christmas videos which star Santa Claus in a familiar outfit which is the color blue rather than red.

This year is no exception, as the Blue Santa of WestJet and his “elves” — in partnership with Live Different, which is a Canadian charity that works with volunteers on development projects abroad — bring a snowy Christmas full of cheer to a community in the Dominican Republic

…but this year — not to be outdone — Air Canada has its own entry where two pilots treat all of the Canadian residents in a pub in London to a round of a different kind:

…and that round is a complimentary round-trip ticket between London and various destinations in Canada.

After watching both videos, you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be amazed…

…or perhaps you will believe that they are simply big publicity stunts.

Regardless of what you believe, which video do you believe wins the battle of the Canadian airlines? Please opine in the Comments section below. Thank you.

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