Be Wary When Traveling

Although FlyerTalk member flyersfo discusses Dangerous Rio where flyersfo was allegedly robbed by a group of knife-wielding teenagers at night at the beach at Ipamena in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, other FlyerTalk members impart sage advice about protecting oneself in a strange or unfamiliar city or country, no matter wherever one happens to be traveling.

Is Rio de Janeiro really more dangerous than other cities around the world, or did flyersfo just happen to be unfortunate enough to be involved in a deplorable incident?

2 thoughts on “Be Wary When Traveling”

  1. Planereality says:

    Certainly an unfortunate incident, although, as a general rule of thumb, I don’t walk on beaches at night. Be it Miami Beach, Narragansett Beach or Mission Beach; never mind a beach in Rio.

  2. Jason says:

    Rio is not that dangerous unless you walk into a favela with gold chains on. Random incident and common sense could have prevailed like not walking on the beach at night.

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