Best Rate Guarantee Policy Quietly Changed — With No Notice From Hyatt

This is the exterior of the Park Hyatt Seoul hotel property. Photograph by FlyerTalk member xolerf. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by xolerf.

“I said ‘good change for me’ and not ‘good change for everybody’. I think I should be entitled to such statement. I just had the first BRG approved, and it took me 3 minutes to fill the form, rather than arguing and holding on the phone for 30 minutes.”
Although FlyerTalk member banzani — who is based outside of the United States and purports that the new process will be easier — seems to be in favor of the latest changes of the Best Rate Guarantee policy by Hyatt Hotels Corporation where claims must now be processed using a form via the Internet, many FlyerTalk members disagree.
Claims to qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee can no longer be processed almost instantly via telephone, as the telephone number had been quietly removed from the official Internet web site of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Even worse is that no known announcement had been released to announce this new change in policy.
FlyerTalk member steveholt found out about the change of the Best Rate Guarantee policy when he called in on Thursday, May 22, 2014 and was told that the change was implemented on that day. Claims will supposedly be processed within 24 hours after they are submitted — although the claim submitted by FlyerTalk member rcs85551 was reportedly processed in approximately 27 hours.
Furthermore, protection will apparently no longer be offered on rates paid in advance. If another Internet web site offers a refundable rate which is more expensive than the prepaid rate offered by Hyatt, the claim will not be considered valid.
In other words, this sample claim offered by steveholt will not work:

Amoma refundable: $149.00 per night
Hyatt prepaid: $145.00 per night
Hyatt refundable: $179.00 per night

“This is a pretty substantial change, given how efficient the Hyatt BRG program had been in terms of instant confirmation”, noted steveholt.
According to its terms and conditions, Hyatt Hotels Corporation guarantees that it provides the lowest bookable rate for room reservations at Hyatt hotel properties available to the general public on the Internet, subject to the following terms and conditions:
If you find a publicly available and immediately bookable room-only rate via the Internet for a Hyatt hotel property at a competing rate which is lower than the room rate available for the same reservation found via the official Internet web site of Hyatt Hotels Corporation — for example, same hotel property, same type of room, same number of guests, same dates of stay and same length of stay — then prior to or within 24 hours of booking the reservation at the official Internet web site of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, you are to submit your Best Rate Guarantee claim request here.
Once confirmed by an official representative of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, the competing rate for the same lodging reservation will be matched — subject to room availability at the applicable Hyatt hotel — plus discount an additional twenty percent off the room rate for the duration of the stay being so reserved.
“I don’t mind the change”, posted FlyerTalk member craigthemif. “Perhaps that’s because on my first attempt with Hyatt I got a $299 a night hotel reduced to $85. I sent in the request last night and it was approved by the morning. I’ve always been put off by having to spend ages on the phone with Hyatt and reports of agents doing their best to not find the competing rate…”
Citing that there will be situations when one is traveling that the procedure of filling out a form via the Internet for a Best Rate Guarantee claim to be practical or possible, FlyerTalk member 777 global mile hound opined: “It’s my belief that good customer service allows customers to have a choice.”
Ideally, I agree.

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