A Black Friday Deal…From FlyerTalk?!?

F rom now through Monday, December 1, 2014, get free shipping on a Slingbox and watch your television on any device — anywhere you are — through an e-mail message I received from FlyerTalk:

You never know what travel conditions will be like or what you’ll be in the mood for. With Slingbox, you’ll have access to everything that’s on your TV, live or recorded-on your phone, tablet or laptop no matter where you are. You won’t miss a thing.

Why you need a Slingbox:

  • Mother Nature may delay your flight
  • Your hotel room has oh…5 channels
  • You spend a lot of time waiting…for the shuttle, in security lines, at the gate, during a layover
  • Because relaxing doesn’t mean cracking a book, it means watching your team play or catching the latest episode of your favorite show.


Slingbox works with all cable and satellite providers and doesn’t block or restrict what channels you get. And you only need one app to control all the channels you already pay for. You can even use Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV to watch your shows on a second television.

My memory may be failing me; but I do not recall ever receiving a solicitation similar to this one via e-mail from FlyerTalk. I personally am not exactly thrilled with it; but then again, I am not against ways in which Internet Brands could profit without affecting the core purpose and functionality of FlyerTalk.

Registered members of FlyerTalk who might consider e-mail messages such as this Black Friday deal as “spam” may consider unsubscribing from e-mail messages from advertisers here. You will be given the option to change your opt-in status for the TalkMail newsletter and content e-mail messages.

Personally, I do not need a Slingbox; nor do I have a desire to have one at this time as I rarely watch television — even though I know of people who absolutely enjoy their Slingboxes. However, e-mail solicitations from FlyerTalk could be a potentially good idea if pertinent companies — such as lodging chains, airlines, rental car companies, airport parking lots, etc. — could offer exclusive deals over which frequent fliers would jump at the chance to participate.

What are your thoughts?

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