Blocking Off a Row of Seats: Weight and Balance Issues, or To Provide a “Break Room” for the Flight Attendant?

Imagine a Confrontation between FA and GA on flight today where the flight attendant on an Embraer 175 regional jet aircraft was allegedly adamant about blocking off a row of seats on-board the aircraft for weight and balance reasons. The gate agent reportedly counters back at the flight attendant, saying that she was a supervisor for Northwest Airlines and handled these airplanes all the time, yet had never heard of that requirement before.

After arguing back and forth, the flight attendant finally admits in an indirect manner that the row of seats was to be for taking a break during the greater than two hour flight from San Antonio to Minneapolis by allegedly saying to the gate agent, “Do you have a break room at work?” The gate agent replied “Yes.” The flight attendant then reportedly said, “Well we don’t, and that’s why that row needs to be blocked off.”

In discussing this incident, FlyerTalk members wonder and speculate if there is not more to this story, as well as comment on the supposed lack of professionalism on the part of the flight attendant…

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