Hurry! The First 50 Passengers Who Board the Aircraft Now and Get a Seat Can Stay On Board!

What would you do if you had approximately 70 passengers for a flight whose aircraft can only handle approximately 50?

The flight from New York to Detroit allegedly suffered an equipment downgrade, resulting in a smaller aircraft being used than the one that was originally assigned to the flight.

The problem is that the original aircraft was booked full, and all of the passengers have arrived at the gate for the flight.

According to FlyerTalk member rpjepson, the solution was to tell everyone to board at once, and whoever gets through on-board the aircraft first gets a seat!

What happened to the remaining 20 or so unlucky passengers?

Find out more about this unusual boarding practice in the an unusual way for DL to solve an oversold situation:) thread, as well as the results.

Is anyone in the mood to play musical chairs?

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