Book Now and Get $40 Back Returns at

Spend a minimum of $80.00 on your hotel reservation booked at and you will get $40.00 back after you complete your stay. That sounds easy — right? It is that easy — and the offer has returned.

Book Now and Get $40 Back Returns at

Thanks to FlyerTalk member jaymar01 — who posted the link to this offer — you can take advantage of it once again. promotion

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One difference between the last offer and this one is that the current offer is not highlighted in green at the bottom — it is not highlighted at all, in fact — and has a little graphic of a gift box, indicating that this offer is valid for the holiday season.

I took advantage of the original offer back in June of 2016 — figuring that I had nothing to lose…

Mount Robson Lodge

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

…and I stayed in a cabin in British Columbia with arguably the best views I have ever seen from a room.

Select Terms and Conditions

This promotion is good for only one time per person; and is subject to these terms and conditions — including:

  • Within a reasonable time after your stay, you must either create a user account and save a valid credit card in the account settings or provide a valid credit card on the provided digital form in order to obtain the reward as a credit to your credit card — and the American Express card is not currently an accepted credit card
  • will only recognize one eligible reservation per participant per campaign to count for an incentive bonus; and you may only receive incentive bonuses from a maximum of three different campaigns per year — including Refer-a-Friend campaigns, as indicated in the Summary section below.


According to this article by Dia Adams of The Deal Mommy written back on Monday, May 29, 2017, the promotion could be “stacked” with the one referring a friend: “Doing both these steps will net you $65 back on a $130 purchase. You could then refer your family member and get an additional $25 on your account and your family member could get the $65/$130 as well. You can do a total of three separate dollar off promotions a year via the terms and you can refer up to 10 people total.”

As with Dia Adams, I was also targeted for their “genius” program for an additional discount of ten percent — and perhaps you might be targeted as well.

I suspect that this version of the promotion can also be “stacked.” Unfortunately, the aforementioned terms and conditions of this offer can be rather nebulous; and no clear indication is immediately given that you have successfully participated in this promotion — but in the previous promotion, $40.00 was indeed refunded automatically to my credit card account within a couple of days of the conclusion of my stay.

I am not sure to whom the referral link belongs; but I do not benefit if you book your reservations through the link provided in this article — even though The Gate has an active affiliate partnership with Pardon the poor grammar; but all I care about is that you benefit from this offer.

If you are interested, take advantage of this offer as soon as possible, as I see no indication of when it will no longer be in effect.

All photographs ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

8 thoughts on “Book Now and Get $40 Back Returns at”

  1. Sorab says:

    I love these deals from One thing I learnt the last time I used a similar offer from ($50 off $125 back in Aug) was that if you cancel your original booking & try to use the offer for another booking, its not going to work. I called their customer service number and explained the problem. They agreed the new booking should be eligible for the offer, but said their system isn’t setup to handle this. You only get one shot at it. They suggested I create a new account to use the offer for my new booking. In the end it all worked out, so I’m happy.

  2. Grant says:

    Excellent news! If anybody needs a referral, you get an additional $25 back. Be sure to signup and then click the proper link here to get the $40 off for $65 total. The little giftbox basket should show on checkout. Be sure otherwise it won’t count.

    1. George says:

      are you sure the $25 stacks with this current $40 off offer?
      the unique link for $25 for 1st time is embedded URL, doesnt click on the $40 off link mess that up?? thanks

  3. Lucas says:

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  4. diana says:

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