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The bed looked better with the reading lamps turned on. Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

Book Now and Get $40 Back With Booking.com

Spend a minimum of $80.00 on your hotel reservation booked at Booking.com and you will get $40.00 back after you complete your stay.

Book Now and Get $40 Back With Booking.com

To access this offer, simply go to the official Internet web site of American Airlines and scroll down.

booking.com promotion
Click on the image to view an enlarged version. Source: American Airlines.

Outlined in the red rectangle is the offer from Booking.com on which you should click…

booking.com promotion
Click on the image to view an enlarged version. Source: Booking.com.

…which will automatically direct you to Booking.com; and the offer for getting $40.00 back should be in a green area located at the bottom of the screen which reads “All you have to do is book and you’ll get US$40 back after your stay! Minimum booking cost US$80.”

This promotion is good for only one time per person; and is subject to these terms and conditions — including:

  • Within a reasonable time after your stay, you must either create a user account and save a valid credit card in the account settings or provide a valid credit card on the provided digital form in order to obtain the reward as a credit to your credit card — and the American Express card is not currently an accepted credit card
  • Booking.com will only recognize one eligible reservation per participant per campaign to count for an incentive bonus; and you may only receive incentive bonuses from a maximum of three different campaigns per year — including Refer-a-Friend campaigns, as indicated in the Summary section below.


According to this article written yesterday by Dia Adams of The Deal Mommy, this promotion can be “stacked” with the one referring a friend: “Doing both these steps will net you $65 back on a $130 purchase. You could then refer your family member and get an additional $25 on your account and your family member could get the $65/$130 as well. You can do a total of three separate dollar off promotions a year via the terms and you can refer up to 10 people total.”

Unfortunately, I had already booked my first reservation at Booking.com only days before she wrote that article — otherwise, I would have used her referral link, which I did not know she had…

…but thanks to her, I am now taking advantage of this offer; and I intend on reporting whether or not I was successful in receiving the $40.00 back.

As with Dia Adams, I was also targeted for their “genius” program for an additional discount of ten percent — and perhaps you might be targeted as well.

If you are interested, take advantage of this offer as soon as possible, as I see no indication of when it will no longer be in effect.

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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