Botlr: The New Robotic Bellhop From Aloft

I f you are planning on staying as a guest at the Aloft Cupertino hotel property as of Wednesday, August 20, 2014, be prepared to be greeted by Botlr — as shown in the video below provided by Aloft Hotels:

Botlr is a robot which stands three feet tall and delivers small items to your room; as well as requests your input on its on-board computer touch screen. The Aloft Cupertino hotel property will be testing Botlr for an undetermined period of time. It is meant to serve guests in addition to tradition customer service and not to replace human staff with automation and technology.

Will Botlr be a potential way to augment and streamline customer service to guests — or is it simply a fancy technological gimmick? While I am still undecided as to my thoughts about Botlr, what do you think?

Image courtesy of Aloft Hotels.

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