Breaking News: 8.9-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Japan; Tsunamis Triggered, Airports Closed, Flights Diverted

The news is still breaking at this point, but discussions pertaining to the major earthquake which struck Japan — with a reported magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale — is sending tremors throughout FlyerTalk and the frequent traveler community:

The 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Off Coast of Japan, reported earlier this week by The Gate, apparently was only a precursor to this most recent earthquake, whose epicenter was 231 miles or 373 kilometres away from Tokyo and caused extensive damage, the reported closing of major airports in Japan, and power outages, as well as flash flooding caused by the resulting tsunamis.

Tsunami warnings have been issued for other countries in the Pacific Rim.

There is no word yet on any casualties at this time.

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