Istanbul Atatürk Airport
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Breaking News: Explosions and Gunfire at Airport in Turkey

M ultiple people have been wounded as a result of a minimum of two explosions and gunfire — supposedly directed from a parking lot at the airport, although video footage purports to show people running for cover inside the terminal building — which have been reported at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Explosions and Gunfire at Airport in Turkey

Taxi cabs were reportedly transporting the injured people away from the airport, according to multiple news sources. The airport was temporarily closed; but flights — both arrivals and departures — have started to resume operations.

At least ten fatalities have been reported as the result of what appears to be a suicide bombing by two people at the airport; with at least 20 people injured.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport is the main international airport which serves the greater Istanbul metropolitan area; and it is the third busiest airport in Europe — surpassed only by Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom and Charles de Gaulle Airport in France.

Reminiscent of Zaventem Airport in Brussels?

Two explosions occurred in the departures area of the main terminal at Zaventem Airport — which serves the greater Brussels metropolitan area — shortly after 8:00 in the morning local time on Tuesday, March 22, 2016; and the Maalbeek subway station of the Brussels Metro was affected an explosion approximately one hour later. 35 people — including three suspects — were killed; and greater than 300 people were injured in that attack.


The State Department of the United States had updated this warning pertaining to travel to Turkey only yesterday; and I will not be surprised if this warning is updated again as a result of the latest incident in Turkey.

Bomb attacks in recent months in Turkey have been linked to Kurdish rebel groups and separatists or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terrorist organization.

Additional details have yet to be revealed pertaining to this attack; but in the meantime, FlyerTalk members are already discussing this incident here

…but in the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and friends…

Imagery ©2016 TerraMetrics. Map data ©2016 courtesy of Google Maps.

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