Dallas police officer shootings
Source: Twitter.

Breaking News: Five Police Officers Killed; Central Dallas Currently Locked Down; Standoff With Suspect

I n what has been called the deadliest attack on law enforcement officers in the United States since Tuesday, September 11, 2001, five police officers were killed by bullets shot by snipers from elevated areas in downtown Dallas after what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration by protestors against what is considered unnecessary violence by law enforcement officers against suspects of crimes.

At this time, at least six additional officers have been injured and are currently being treated in local hospitals.

This video was posted on Twitter which unveiled the moment the shooting occurred towards the end of the peaceful protest:


Five Police Officers Killed; Central Dallas Currently Locked Down; Standoff With Suspect

Although many people cannot get in or out of downtown, there are reports of police officers transporting civilians in their police cars to their vehicles in the parking lot; and there have been reports that Uber — a ride-sharing service — has been offering free rides to civilians who are attempting to leave the downtown area.

Meanwhile, active negotiations are currently going on in a parking garage between police officers and an armed suspect; and the standoff is still ongoing. Gunfire has already been exchanged during this standoff.


If you have business in the downtown area of Dallas over the next few days, you may want to consider changing, canceling or postponing your plans, as the area is currently completely shut down by police. When this situation will be resolved and the downtown area of Dallas will be reopened at this time.

Public transportation, colleges and some businesses have reported that they will be closed all day on Friday, July 8, 2016,

I am uncertain at this time as to whether airlines will allow for you to change your travel plans if you intend to travel into or out of Dallas — although multiple sources report that the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has issued flight restrictions for the airspace over Dallas; and when those restrictions will be removed is unknown at this time…

…but please do eventually travel to Dallas and show support for this city, which is going through a tragic situation — as has also been experienced in Istanbul, in Brussels, in Paris, and in Orlando — and yes, in many other cities and locations around the world.

Additional information has been unfolding and literally changing by the minute. I have been watching this current live feed from KXAS Channel 5 News in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and colleagues of the slain and injured law enforcement officers — as well as to the people in Dallas in general.

Source: Twitter.

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