Breaking News: Many British Airways Executive Club Accounts Locked; Avios Reset to Zero

he accounts of many members of the British Airways Executive Club frequent flier loyalty program have been compromised and even locked where there are reports of the number of Avios wiped out to zero, according to reports from many members of FlyerTalk in this discussion and reports from members of Milepoint as well.

The cause — or causes — for the account compromises is currently unknown at this time.

This is the latest in a disturbing string of breaches of frequent travel loyalty program accounts where miles or points have been used; and information of the account holder has been changed without authorization.

My Starwood Preferred Guest frequent guest loyalty program account was compromised on Friday, January 16, 2015 where all of my Starpoints were wiped out. Some good information was relayed to me by a representative of Starwood Preferred Guest during a telephone call on which she followed up with me to ensure that my account was completely restored.

I was not the only person to which this has happened, as I found a discussion where this has happened to FlyerTalk members.

The British Airways Executive Club and Starwood Preferred Guest account breaches are amongst the frequent travel loyalty programs which have been affected, which also include Delta Air Lines SkyMiles, American Airlines AAdvantage, United Airlines MileagePlus and Hilton HHonors.

The account of one of my credit cards was compromised in December of 2014; and in this article, I give a detailed report on how to attempt to prevent that and identity theft from happening to you — as well as what to do if it does happen to you.

My advice to you based on my experience is to not panic; but do contact a representative of the British Airways Executive Club as soon as possible and give them as many details of the breach of your account as possible. You may not be able to get through immediately due to extremely high volume at this time. Get records of the most recent balance of Avios you had in your account, just in case you may need it.

At worst, this should be nothing more than a moderate inconvenience to you. You will not lose your Avios; but do not expect for them to be restored to your account immediately.

16 thoughts on “Breaking News: Many British Airways Executive Club Accounts Locked; Avios Reset to Zero”

  1. Elena-MuslimTravelGirl says:

    OMG my account is wiped too!! I can’t log in but my husband’s shows that we have less Avios when we should and that was my account’s part, we have a family account.
    Crazy thanks for pointing out

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      My pleasure, Elena-MuslimTravelGirl.

      Get on that telephone or compose that e-mail message to the British Airways Executive Club as soon as possible…

  2. jim says:

    can’t even log in, called after waiting for 2 hrs, the british woman said points are taken away and it is the property of BA and they can remove points any time they wish. what a bull!

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      While that may be true, that is an unacceptable response in my opinion, jim.

      Did you get her name and the time of the call in case you may need to report it later?

  3. Derek says:

    My account is gonzo too.

  4. CCORD says:

    I got a weird email from Delta Sky Bonus yesterday telling me I had around 67k points. I’ve never flown them! I assumed it was phishing. Did anyone else get one?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      That is bizarre, CCORD — especially as a significant number of members of the Delta SkyBonus incentive program suddenly no longer can take advantage of that program due to new stringent qualifications…

  5. Matt says:

    I tried to log into my account, to find my password had changed. After resetting it, I could see all my Avios were gone. The transaction history shows an entry for today with a description of “Ex-Gratia” subtracting all my points. I tried calling, but was disconnected with a busy signal.

  6. Elena-MuslimTravelGirl says:

    The phone line is on fire I will email them and try to call tomorrow. I did want to use the miles for a holiday though! Crazy

  7. Liz T says:

    Mine gone too. I reset the password and it clearly shows the miles deducted today. What email is best to use?

  8. Lee says:

    Same thing happened to me. I was able to password reset, but still zzer. Was able to get thru (Blue card holder with a lot of membership rewards xfer). They gave me a 5-6 question quiz to confirm my identity and said the miles will be restored. Nothing is in my account as of an hour later

  9. David says:

    Same here. Says Ex-Gratia Adjustment and deducted the remainder of my points.

  10. Rick says:

    All my Avios gone, and can’t get through phones either which is not surprising. I believe BA would restore the Avios, I’m worried what other data has been stolen as well, like my address, birth date etc.

  11. AndersB says:

    Looks like Hilton have had issues as well – any account could be hijacked:

  12. Larry says:

    Can you please give me the BA Avios email address? My account is wiped out too.

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