Breaking News: WikiPosts Now Activated for FlyerTalk Members

Just moments ago, I found out that you can now post content in WikiPosts on FlyerTalk if you have been a FlyerTalk member for a minimum of 90 days and have posted content on FlyerTalk 90 times.

The activation of this new feature on FlyerTalk — which also occurred moments ago — is the result of ßeta testing by moderators, ambassadors and administrators of FlyerTalk since October of 2012.

Here is the official announcement posted by FlyerTalk member SanDiego1k, who is the community director of FlyerTalk:

The ability to create and edit Wiki posts has gone live for all members who have been on FlyerTalk for 90 days and have posted 90 times or more. We hope that you will embrace this feature and make information more accessible by creating wikiposts. We all know the frustration of a very long Mileage Run thread or the wealth of information buried in a hotel master thread. We’ve read what we need to know, but where? Wikis allow member to put that information right up front. Moderators and ambassadors have had this ability for some time now, so you might have seen a post with that capability. Here are some examples of wikis that currently exist:
Here’s the wiki in the China forum, capturing information on how to transit without a visa.
FAQ: PRC Visa-Free Transit (AKA Transit Without Visa or “TWOV”)
Here’s how to use AA miles to upgrade on AA, BA and IB:
AAdvantage Participating Airlines Upgrades (on BA, IB)
Here’s the thread for the Japan Do. Look at the use of the Wiki below the poll. It’s a great example, as planned events evolved up to a few days before the event actually occurred. All of it was captured in the Wiki.
Japan DO – March 29-31, 2013
We are not currently able to report issues within a wiki. Please feel free to correct vandalism or incorrect information yourself. Should you believe a mod should see it, please use the little red triangle, “Alert Moderator”, within the first thread post. Should you see a technical issue with wiki posts, please post here:
WikiPost problems
There will be the occasional wiki that has been created by moderators for instructions within the forum, and is for use by moderators only. Members will find those wikis locked and they will be unable to edit.
Jump in. Test the water. It’s ok if you don’t get all the information correct the first time out. The next person can add or edit what you’ve written.

For all WikiPosts on FlyerTalk, you may adjust how many changes you want to review within the past one, three, seven or 14 days — whether you would like to show the last 50, 100, 250 or 500 changes.
Some WikiPosts can become quite lengthy. If you would like to contract the capability to see WikiPosts, simply click on the little grey box containing a symbol — or minus sign — in the upper-right corner of the WikiPost. To expand the capability to see a WikiPost, simply click on that same grey little box in the upper-right corner of the WikiPost, which will contain a + symbol, or plus sign. This action of whether or not you desire to view WikiPosts is global throughout FlyerTalk, but it is easy to change at any time.
Here is a complete list of all WikiPosts added to FlyerTalk.
With the capability and functionality of WikiPosts, organizing and maintaining information on FlyerTalk became that much closer to being a true community effort.

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